the leading candidate of The European people’s party (EPP), Manfred Weber (CSU), wants to visit the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, a break-up in the EPP-group of avert.

In the EPP, there are efforts, Orban’s party, Fidesz, because of the nationalist and EU-critical positions to exclude. “I’ll look in the next few days, the first time the personal interview with Viktor Orbán in Budapest, because I want to try to make him understand that he is currently on the way out of the EPP,” said Weber of the “world on Sunday”. It is not a conflict between Eastern and Western EU States “or to the migration policy, as is claimed, but what values make up the EPP and the EU”.

The EPP are 56 parties, including the CDU, CSU, Fidez, the Forza Italia of the Italian Ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi, the French Republicans, the Croatian HDZ and the Spanish people’s party PP. Meanwhile, the 13 member parties are calling for the suspension of the Fidesz membership or expulsion from the party family. The CDU and the CSU are not among them. 20. March could the vote of the EPP Board of management on the Fidesz whereabouts.

the displeasure excited in the least to a Hungarian poster campaign against the EPP, asked EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Weber had called on Orban to apologise for the poster campaign.