Sometimes, just sometimes, you could almost have the feeling, in the British house of Commons it will go like in a normal Parliament in normal times. On Wednesday it was temporarily so. It first went to savings policy, education, foreign aid for Yemen, the celebrations for D-Day. And it was for local standards, even in a civilized manner. The Prime Minister replied patiently to the questions of the deputies, every Wednesday noon.

Only the peaceful Coexistence of the trough, and a cursory glance towards the government Bank, to a number of Ministers were absent, all Brexiteers, “the Pizza club”, because you normally buy more in the evenings, days and Pizza, while you are debating how the country can change enough.

Theresa May has. the Endgame is still

speeds up The actions, you probably also at this time, only at lunch time and apparently, for urgent reasons There were a couple of experts, the unkten that this was perhaps one of the last performances of May or in office. “Sky News quoted“ needless to say, anonymous is a Cabinet member with the words, the threshold is exceeded. Another said blunt, “it’s over”. Seems it really had.

Because while they spoke and spoke and spoke, left an increasing number of members of the chamber, something was brewing, and the former Chancellor of the exchequer and current editor-in-chief of the “Evening Standard” tweeted already, the title page of the current issue: A Plot against May, at least four Ministers urged on their swift resignation, more would follow.

Britain to leave the EU

May want to leave Parliament on the second Brexit Referendum vote


This is, in fact, only a matter of time. The Endgame has begun – and May, it has accelerated only. Your on Tuesday featured a so-called “new-Brexit Deal” didn’t seem like a hastily welded together usterter compromise that was born exactly the opposite of the meant, what she wanted in her despair, she shared even more. A candy promised, here and there, explained to the Parliament a second Referendum and the temporary stay in the customs Union vote – if, Yes if the Deputy would wave the Deal in the fourth start finally. In the Cabinet it had eppert previously firmly welded, and the Echo resounded on Wednesday.

And sometime after the friendly feeling had to the beginning of May notice in the lower house then, what she did with your revised Deal. He flew her to the left and right ears.

Brexit-party may, according to more than 30 percent of hope

The censure doesn’t do louder and louder, and soon probably deafening. In the European elections, the Brexit is a party of the right-wing populist Nigel Farage miles ahead, you are likely to come to significantly more than 30 percent, may’s Tories remain in the meantime in the single-digit percentage range, a veritable Disaster. Farage attracts not only milkshakes, but people that worship him frenetically, and his party choose. As soon as the results announced on Sunday, and of course, as a verdict for a No-Deal-Brexit to be interpreted, is likely to May start to pack your boxes. At the latest.

European election in the UK

The Comeback of the Euro-fright, Nigel Farage

By Michael Streck

she wants to bring you stressed usual stubborn, their Deal at the beginning of June in front of Parliament. Just not sure if it is still the Prime Minister. If Yes, will you lose a fourth Time, and the way to make for the election of a new party Chairman, and ergo Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson has thrown his hat of course, already in the Ring and learned yesterday in support, of all things, the environment Minister, Michael Gove. That venerable gentlemen, who had him assassinated three years ago, at the last leadership battle, in which he withdrew from Johnson in the final meters of his support, and self-ran. At the end of this unforgettable Dramoletts last Theresa May stand as the only Constant in the ring of dust. Now the circle is complete. Mays Era is irrevocably over, Boris is back. And Michael Gove lobhudelte, he felt the highest admiration for Boris.

It is a hot summer in London. And this is not a weather forecast.