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The Election That Could Break America

Everyone is thrilled to know that will be the result of the November 3rd Elections that are going to be held in the US. Guardian Weekly has given their predictions and updates regarding the election. The media feels that this year’s US elections are going to rupture the state of America like never before. Recently coronavirus has not only created problems for the economy but 1 million deaths from the virus are also the highest among all the other countries. Another important event in the fight for Hong Kong and QAnon’s global spread.

According to many people whatever happens on 3rd November and later will shape up the entire future of the USA and other parts of the world. Many people fear that the re-election of Donald Trump and terrible news coming out from a certain quarter of Americans who were not allowed to vote all these years will most likely vote for the biggest rival of trump Joe Biden. All these things are going to have a very bad impact on the future of America that includes the climatic crisis, global health, diplomacy, and much more.

Can Trump and GOP steal votes?

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President Trump for now is refusing to accept the realities and results of the upcoming elections. Is it really democracy now? Many firmly believe that Trump could turn the results into his favor by stealing votes from Joe Biden. He could stay in power by moving away from his biggest rival. According to Gellman: He may win, he may lose, but under no circumstances will he concede this election,” That’s a big problem, because we don’t actually have a mechanism for forcing a candidate to concede, and concession is the way we have ended elections.”Can he really go to an extent of stealing the votes? What do you all think?

According to the writer Smith this election will make or make the future of the US but it seems that Trump isn’t ready to leave the office anytime soon. You can easily witness it in his first debate of presidential elections. Catch it up from there and recently Newyork Times has exposed the tax return of the president. There is news that a self-proclaimed billionaire has spent a whopping $750 Tax as federal income in 2016 and 2017. The recent week has been the worst as a global milestone of 1 million deaths in the USA has been threatening news for one and all. The economy has also gone down by a huge margin. Coronavirus has turned out to be more like a mass global health disaster.

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What is happening between Hong Kong and QAnon?

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QAnon has been spreading its messages through various controversies and there is a new faculty in London that turns the idea of a museum inside out. If we head to Hong Kong the rule of security Law has already been passed and the authority of Beijing is also coming into the picture. All are wondering who is actually pulling the strings of China and using it for their own benefit. At the gathering in London reports and interviews are taken from those families who have been taken in. Some people are sympathizing with them for the current situation as they have faced.

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