In the Netherlands, is a companion of the anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders converted to Islam. As the Newspapers “NRC” and “Algemeen Dagblad” (AD) reported, the former member of Parliament Joram van Klaveren, on 26. October 2018 to Islam. Van Klaveren, who sat for Wilders’ freedom party PVV in the Dutch Parliament, had fought always against Islam. The Boulevard newspaper “AD” describes him as a “Hardliner, who joined for a ban on burqas and minarets”.

Van Klaveren said, at work on a book against Islam had changed his mind. Instead, he had written a “rejection of the criticisms by Non-Muslims,” he told the newspaper, “NRC”: “If everything I’ve written so far is true, then I am de facto a Muslim.”


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Van Klaveren had left the PVV, 2014, after Wilders asked his party followers, whether they want to be “fewer or more Moroccans in the Netherlands”. The political right of the party, VNL, van Klaveren, shortly thereafter co-founded, was unsuccessful.

Just a PR move for a book?

His former party co-founder Jan Roos indicated the “Algemeen Dagblad”, van Klaverens step could also be a PR exercise for the book. If not, it was “an unusual choice for someone who always had much to say about the Islam”.

The Council of Moroccan mosques in the Netherlands, praised Klaveren van. It was great, if such a critic of Islam not realize that this “was so bad or a pervert,” said Council member Said Bouharrou. It was brave, that van Klaveren to the public.

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