It is a story like from a Thriller. A man from the Rhineland-Palatinate town of Mehlingen dies. A few hours later, the police found in the four kilometers away in Enkenbach-Alsenborn the doctor dead in front of his practice died of the event by an explosive. Two days later, another bomb exploded in a residential building in Otterberg. Responsible for the acts, the officials, the faith of the Deceased from Mehlingen, his Name: Bernhard gray-man. And: The police does not exclude that the operator of a landscape was gardening even more people in sight.

the grey man died in the night to Friday in his house in Mehlingen. What is so far unclear. The circumstances of his death are the subject of a police investigation, it said Tuesday in a statement.

explosives in the log

The 64-year-old doctor from Enkenbach hidden-Alsenborn was discovered on Friday morning prior to practice. The police assumes that he want to pick up a disguised explosive device at the entrance door from the ground and thus, the Explosion triggered.

the knife murder of the Jungfernstieg

He made the one-year daughter to the “naked object of his vengeance”. Now he was condemned


On Sunday it came in the otter mountain to the further Explosion in which two people were injured. A with explosives manipulated piece of Wood exploded in the oven in a fireplace. Presumably the perpetrator had deposited the piece of wood on the estate of the victim. According to police information, an unsuspecting resident put the piece then with a fire in the fireplace.

conflict with the grey man: More people in danger?

In both cases, resulted in the investigation of the criminal investigation Department, Bernhard Graumann as urgent a suspect. The 59-Year-old had been with the Victims of a personal or business connection. He was in no good relationship to them. In both cases, it had come in the past to conflicts.

The police can not exclude the possibility that the Deceased has made before his death, are still more preparations that could endanger other people. People who were with him in the “problematic private or business relationship”, would be urged to contact the police.

sources: police press releases