Again there was the issue of abortion in the last months of fierce dispute.

Inflamed, he had been condemned, among others, in the case of the Giessen Doctor Kristina Hänel, which performs abortions, and for this, on your Homepage, provides information to – and therefore. This Wednesday, the Federal Statistical office published new Figures about abortion in Germany. Questions and answers:

what is the latest development in the statistics?

In the past 20 years, the number of abortions is on the rise in Germany firstly, and then decreased until the year 2016 almost continuously: Broke up in 1996, women in just with 131,000 cases of pregnancy, 2016 is less than 99,000. Then, in 2017, reported the German Federal Statistical office, again an increase of more than 101,000. The rate per 10,000 women of childbearing age fell between 2014 and 2016 to a low of 56 and increased by 2017 to 58. Had the highest-Year in the 25 – to 30 -.

What reasons were given?

2017 were canceled 20 pregnancies because of a criminological indication, such as after rape. For pregnant girls on the front of the 14. Birthday is this indication. In 3911 cases, a medical reason was. With 97.278 the women chosen in the vast majority of cases, for a crash after the consultation scheme. That means that you went to in the legally determined deadline of three months to a recognised advice centre. The proof of which is a condition for engagement.

there Are regional differences?

The highest Figures of the city States of Berlin and Bremen meadows for the year 2017 with 230 and 208 induced abortions to 1,000 live births. In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, there were only 88 and 96. The consulting organization Pro Familia explains, some women from rural areas in Bavaria or lower Saxony would have to take long journeys to find a doctor or clinic for the procedure. Seven percent of women drove to 2017 in a different state.

what is the current law?

In Germany, abortions are still illegal, only under certain conditions, the intervention of the criminal remains free. To timely advice in a state-approved Conflict. Abortion remains after the twelfth week of pregnancy, when the Pregnant women there is danger to life or a serious physical or mental harm threatens.

What will be the impact of the recently adopted Amendment to?

The Clause 219a is still controversial. He found the note that in practice, abortions are carried out, under penalty. Several Doctors were sentenced therefore, even Kristina Hänel. Your dispute is not resolved with the Reform, says the Physician – prior to their practice time and again by opponents of abortion to demonstrate why the city of Giessen to consider a ban mile. With the new regulation, may continue to provide Doctors and clinics on the Internet that they perform abortions – more but also not. This was not enough, declared, among others, also Pro Familia. The Clause should be done away with altogether, so that women could inform and to the stigmatization of abortion and of Doctors to counteract.

Have abortions are the consequences for the women?

With his project, in a study of the “frequency and severity of psychological consequences of abortion” to investigate, met with the Minister, Jens Spahn (CDU), led the Ministry of health on outraged reactions. This is a questionable image of women, revealing the FDP Opposition criticized in the Bundestag. In addition, there are such studies already. The vast majority of women cope with the consequences of a crash without a long-term, says Claudia Schumann, Vice-President of the German society for Psychosomatic gynaecology and obstetrics (DGPFG). Women should be given the ability to be able to the best decision on your own, calls for you.