a bad compromise or a step forward? The government coalition has agreed after much Back and Forth in a Supplement to the controversial paragraph 219a. Doctors, hospitals and facilities should in future inform the public about the fact that they perform abortions. However, the discussion of the ban on advertising for abortion is not completed yet for a long time.

Even if Anne Wants the “right to life and self-determination – the new debate on abortion”. To be able to an issue that can also come from a talk round in the 70s would have, if the guests quarreled 2019 about abortion as such (clause 218), but rather the permission, to inform.

Where exactly is the border between Information and advertising? What is the rating of legal higher: the right to self-determination of the woman or the protection of the unborn life? And helps women, the change in the law, really? That discussion without moral finger-worked, was also at the well-curated selection of the guests: four women and a man.


Kristina Hänel, the General practitioner was convicted in November of 2017, the payment of 6000 Euro, because you had indicated on your Website, and how it performs abortions. The 62-Year-old has now become the leading figure for the opponents of paragraph 219a. She says, “The Clause 219a is unconstitutional.”Franziska Giffey (SPD), Federal Minister for family Affairs, senior citizens, women and youth, defended the compromise with the CDU. She argues: “A large part of the society must support the law.”Philip Amthor (CDU), member of the land Executive of the young Union of the Christian citizens ‘ initiative “perspective”, which campaigns for the protection of unborn life. He says: “The compromise contributes to more legal certainty.”Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP), Federal Minister of justice, a. D., judge at the Bavarian constitutional court, wants to abolish the clause. She says: “It is really a lean compromise.”Teresa Bücker, editor-in-chief of the feminist Online magazine “Edition F”. She says: “women and Doctors are criminalised by paragraph and stigmatized.”

termination of pregnancy

Sentenced the Doctor “horrified” about the reform proposal from the government for Abortion paragraphs


“Why are the women of the SPD?”, Want asked the Federal Minister for family Affairs, Franziska Giffey directly to the beginning of the program. Background: The social Democrats wanted to remove the paragraph 219a originally. Giffey struggled with the CDU negotiated compromise (critics of the etching: to sell, kowtow) as a success. Pregnant women would henceforth better informed, such as through a 24-hour Hotline, the clear overview of addresses and methods. But, he sighed, Giffey, it is now part of a Large coalition. “Because it allows one to meet 100 percent of the requests.”

Kristina Hänels opponent you threaten with death

Not a wish, but true freedom of choice, Kristina requested Hänel: “women need to be able to extensively inform!” And not only on government advice pages in the network, but also with Doctors you trust. For years, Hänel, reported no one took offense at your Website. “I thought I was doing everything right.” You have to make the Text legally secure.

she refused abortion

mother-to-be moribund Baby is wearing to the organs to donate

she was still convicted of it, did not alter their Conviction. “I can’t reconcile it with my Conscience to help a woman who wants to abort, and leave the back of the knitting needle or coat hanger,” said the Doctor. For your Conviction, you will not be threatened by extreme abortion opponents even with the death: “Many regret that the Inquisition today,” she said.

Philip Amthor, at the age of 26, not only the Youngest in the round, but also the only man who did not want to be on the role of the radical abortion opponent pinned down. “I will leave neither me, nor the CDU in a corner,” says Amthor, “nobody wants to discriminate against women, we want to stand up for the unborn life.” The compromise was the right, increasing the legal certainty.

Teresa Bücker against Philip Amthor

“Mr Amthor, if you were pregnant, you would not trust you to make a decision without a cooling-off period”, and annoyed the person sitting next to Teresa Bücker him. Even the Catholic of Ireland have now is a liberal legislation than Germany, the “Edition R”-editor-in-chief: “Here treat women as minor citizens,” says Bücker. “I can’t take my uterus out and Mr Amthor hand,” she said to Anne, to your point, ironically underlining. Amthor repeated that he wanted to teach, not a woman “”, also he had been told in the personal environment of abortion.

all Agreed, that the supply must be closed gaps in the System. The Problem: For years, the number of Doctors providing abortions is falling: by a whopping 40 percent between 2003 and 2018. The Federal chamber of physicians, this is partly due to the “massive pressure” of abortion opponents. “You have to appreciate the Doctors value the to make the under these conditions,” said Minister of family Affairs Giffey.

“women are still intimidated, even in front of doctor’s offices,” confirmed the former justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger. Already in the 90s the FDP-politician for a further period of time control, ultimately, was stopped by the Federal constitutional court. How Hänel, it is the Belief that the Clause 219a should be abolished: “We do not need a criminal law, the code of medical ethics is enough,” she said.

the study, by Jens Spahn superfluous?

also, the many studies that already exist on the topic of abortion and its consequences. “We have very many studies, which say that there is no causal relationship between negative psychological consequences and abortion,” said Giffey. That the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) nevertheless, a study with such a question in order, was his thing. Giffey: “I think nothing.” On 6. February to advise of the draft law in the Cabinet, and then in the Bundestag.

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