According to the collective agreement for the public service of the countries of the German Confederation of trade unions (DGB) has called for further improvement for the officials.

It is not enough to transfer the collective outcome on the officials, said the Deputy DGB Chairman Elke Hannack of the German press Agency in Berlin. Thus, a Transfer of the Collective wage agreement is common.

At the weekend reached by the trade unions Verdi and the German civil service Federation dbb, with the States of a collective agreement for the approximately one Million employees of the Federal States. You get a level of eight per cent more wage for a period of 33 months. The conclusion is to be transferred according to the will of dbb and Verdi, to around 2.3 million civil servants and pensioners. DGB Vice-Hannack but according to his own words, a time – and-effect the same Transfer to the officials in the forthcoming pay round to be inadequate.

Background are the significant differences in income of civil servants between the Federal States, as well as doubts as to the constitutionality of the civil servants ‘ remuneration in its present Form. As is clear from the DGB-remuneration report in 2019, which is present the German press Agency, there are significant differences between the countries. So a neuverbeamtete teacher in Rhineland-Palatinate, deserves, therefore, a year, about 8300 euros gross less than their counterparts in Bavaria.

officers went, in the meantime, in many cases up before the courts, because they assumed that their pay was reasonable, the DGB. The Federal constitutional court Report are according to the DGB-present salary schemes of the Länder of Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, lower Saxony, Saarland, and Saxony-Anhalt for testing. “The trigger for this flood of procedures over the years, ongoing austerity policy of the legislature,” says the Report.

The Federal government, the taxpayer urged, in view of the Collective wage agreement for the Länder, meanwhile, is a “priority setting” in the public budgets. President Reiner wooden nail said the “Passauer Neue Presse” (Monday), the conclusion of “for the taxpayers tax”. In the long term, the public purse would get in trouble. The tariff community of German countries which had negotiated with the unions, had estimated the cost for the completion of more than seven billion euros. Hesse was no longer a part since the beginning of the 2000s, the tariff community of German countries.