The Democrats have failed with the attempt to override the Veto of the US President, Donald Trump is in dispute with the imposed state of emergency on the border with Mexico.

In a vote on Tuesday in the U.S. house of representatives by the necessary two-thirds majority was not reached as expected. The dispute over a border wall will have to go to court. In addition, the Democrats are threatening already with the next one starting in a few months, to stop Trumps action in Congress.

The Democrats have 235 of the 450 seats in the house of representatives, so a simple majority. It was not expected that they would, in this case, dozens of Republicans to their side. It agreed, while 14 Republican members for the thrust of the Democrats, with 248 Yes votes came together, but still far less than for a two-thirds majority needed.

Trump had declared in mid-February a National emergency, without parliamentary approval, a wall on the border to Mexico to Finance. The Congress had not approved the required sum. With the help of the state of emergency Declaration Trump wants to raise the additional billion from other Sources, especially from the defence budget. His action is legal but controversial. The Democrats hold it to be unconstitutional, because Congress is granting the funds is responsible. Also from the ranks of the Republican criticism came that Trump bypasses the Congress.

The Democrats had introduced a Resolution in the house of representatives to end the state of emergency. The Resolution got both there and later in – of the Republicans of the Senate was dominated by the necessary majority, because the series of Trumps the Republicans, a number of politicians in this issue against the course of the President.

Trump had to insert then in mid-March, the first Veto of his term of office, in order to prevent the Congress approved lifting the state of emergency. And to override this Veto, would have been in the house of representatives and in a second step, also in the Senate by a two-thirds majority needed. It was not now. The attempt to break Trumps Veto is failed.

Trump wrote on Tuesday evening (local time) on Twitter, this was a great victory. He thanked the Republicans in the house of representatives that they had held the vote. He also accused the Democrats once again, they were the party of open borders and crime. This will confirm the vote again.

The debate is not finished but for a long time, but will go to court. 16 U.S. States a collection have filed a lawsuit against trump’s state of emergency Declaration.

The democratic Chairman of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said, the previous resistance from the Congress to give the courts substantial evidence. She called trump’s approach to re unlawful and dangerous. Pelosi also announced that in six months, the Congress will have again the possibility to stop the wrong course of the President in this question. The Congress could then introduce again a Resolution to end the state of emergency. She stressed that the Democrats were still all the options in order to combat Trumps a state of emergency Declaration.

The President had justified the state of emergency on the border with an alleged Invasion by migrants, criminal gangs and drug smuggling. His opponents consider this to be unjustified and see no emergency at the border.

Trump is pushing ahead with its plans for the construction of the wall on the emergency mechanism, meanwhile, is more. The US Department of defense gave a billion dollars for the strengthening of border plants to Mexico. The Executive Minister of defense Patrick Shanahan announced on Monday evening (local time), with the money a fence of almost 92 kilometers in length and 5.50 meters in height in the case of El Paso in the US state of Texas built. In addition, streets should be and lighting installed built. The goal is to block the cross-border drug smuggling. Thus, a request from the Department of homeland security will be met.

The Pentagon spoke explicitly of a fence, not a wall. Such a border wall was before the election of 2016, Central election Trumps promise. The Democrats are opposed to a wall.