The death of a 22-Year-old after a late-night dispute five months ago, the small town of Köthen offset in the exception state. From rumors to foreign suspects rights covenants, moved fires through the city.

What exactly happened, the regional court of Dessau-Roßlau to educate. On the dock red Sweatshirts and Jeans sitting in the wine, two young-looking men at the age of 17 and 18 years of age. You deny that what is accused of you to the office of the Prosecutor: dangerous bodily injury and bodily injury resulting in death. Both of them came from Afghanistan.

The 18-Year-old is on his defenders explain that he had the died neither pushed, hit, or kicked out – rather, he had not perceived him at all. The 17-Year-old made similar comments. Yes, there had been a dispute between several Afghans. It was of a different opinion, of whom a young woman had been pregnant. It had come to boost standard and scramble. Then several German cropped up. From beer bottles, and wood-speech, you would have had it’s slats.

One of the German – possibly a brother of the Killed – have attacked the 18-Year-olds and kicked. He had also been of the back of the neck includes, according to the older defendant. The younger of the two says, someone had thrown him against a wall. Then they escaped. A on the ground opposite a man you don’t want seen.

The Prosecutor’s office sees it differently: After that, the 22-year-old German was added to armed the Afghans to settle. Then, one of the defendants should have beaten him, so that the young man crashed. The other Accused should have at least added a kick against the torso or head.

The hard heart sick köthen died shortly afterwards in a hospital. The coroner noted an acute myocardial infarction as a cause of death. The Prosecutor’s office recognizes the Stress of the Situation as also in the attacks and in the alcohol, the 22-Year-old had been drinking, elements that would have favored the heart attack.

Even if you see no fault in itself – the defendants were in front of your statements, first of all, to the family of the deceased. He wanted the family and friends of the 22-Year-old to Express his condolences, said 17-Year-old in good English. “I’m sorry. it’s incredible.” His co-accused said of the Translation of an interpreter, “I apologize to the family, it was not intended that something like this happens.”

The case had nationwide for headlines. Rights covenants, attracted by the Saxony-Anhalt small town, there were so-called funeral marches and counter-demonstrations. The city organized themselves citizens firm. In a Church in the city centre daily peace were held prayers. The fear of a second Chemnitz was Only a short time before, at the end of August, there had been a 35-year-old German stabbed to death, whereupon the Saxon city was in a turmoil. Meanwhile, charges against a Syrian was charged.

The district court of Dessau-Roßlau is this Wednesday (9.00 PM) for further negotiations. Then three witnesses should be heard, including the young woman, whose pregnancy turned the dispute. Overall, the court has not, as yet, eight additional negotiating dates to the 20th century. March set.