The Three-year deadline for the Review of the protection status of recognized refugees should be extended to prevent a re-Congestion of the competent Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf).

asylum seekers are to remain also in the future, as a rule, 18 months in the great recording facilities. A corresponding draft law forwarded to the Federal Ministry of the interior on Friday to a vote of the other ministries, such as the German press Agency learned in coalition circles.

depending on The date of recognition to a four-to five-year extended time limit for the test is only for asylum decisions from the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 shall apply. The Federal government wants to ensure that the Bamf can check the many decisions on asylum and refugee protection, this time without excessive time pressure.

If the Bamf would have to process the applications without any extension of the time limit, would threaten a re-jam in the processing of new asylum applications, because here the capacities would be missing. If the refugee could be office then the currently still-shorter time limits for the revocation examination to pass, would always get more refugees a permanent residence permit without their cases have not yet been assessed.

Before the aliens authority issues a residence permit, shall examine the Bamf, if the Situation in the country of origin of the refugee is still so that he may not return. In addition, the so-called withdrawal is a redemption and verification will also be an occasion, whether there are new findings regarding the identity of the refugee. This is now easier since the refugees are now required to appear for Review again at the Bamf.

The work load of the authority between 2015 and 2017 due to the high number of asylum-seekers is enormous. This led to erroneous decisions. Headlines of the German soldier, Franco A., was recognized as a Syrian refugee. The number of asylum cases in which the examination of the protection has been revoked, was, however, in the past year, with only around one per cent. However, the duty to cooperate applies to refugees only since the 12. December 2018.

Bamf-President Hans-Eckhard Sommer had already pointed out in the autumn of last year at a hearing in the Bundestag to the fact that his authority will have to check until the end of 2020 773,000 asylum – decisions- of which up to 400,000 in the next year, and around 300,000 in the year 2020. This was a “unique” challenge.