A 27-year-old Cretan is said to have confessed to the Dresden scientist Suzanne Eaton killed. This several Greek news portals reported on Monday evening, citing the police. An official confirmation on the part of the police was not first, as the state radio reported.

The man is reported to have said that the backgrounds of the murder, had been sexually. He was a “Voyeur” and “” been aroused, as he saw the woman, reported in the usually well-informed news portal “Cretalive.gr”. The man was known in the Region as a mentally disturbed, reported by other local media.

Suzanne Eaton

Dresdner researcher on the island of Crete murdered? Media reports new Details

DPA arrest due to DNA Tests

The alleged perpetrator has been arrested on the basis of DNA Tests, which were carried out on his car. Therefore, he should first have the victim with his car and then with a knife have been injured, reported the Athens news portal “Skai.gr”. The alleged perpetrator took the woman after the killing in a grotto, which had expanded the Wehrmacht during the German occupation of Crete in the Second world war as an ammunition and weapons warehouse, as the authorities in the past few days. The investigators went out, therefore, that the perpetrators came from the Region.

Suzanne Eaton was to hike the

disappeared, The body of native American Suzanne Eaton was found Monday of last week. She had participated in a meeting of experts in the small port town of Kolymbari and was on 4. Not broken in July, a hike, from she returned.

hikers found the body in the cave near the village of Maleme, about eight and a half kilometers from Kolymbari beach.

Eaton, came from Oakland in the U.S. state of California. She worked at the Max-Planck-Institute for molecular cell biology and genetics (MPI-CBG) in Dresden.

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