Nearly four years after the death of 71 refugees in a refrigerated truck in Hungary, the driver and three accomplices to life imprisonment.

The court of appeal in the southern Hungary town of Szeged tightened had been convicted of the first-instance judgments of the June 2018, with the four tugs for murder to 25 years in prison.

now The final judgments of the court of Szeged indicate that the driver of the death Truck, a Bulgarian, as well as the two organizers of the death drive, an Afghan national and a Bulgarian, there is no prospect of early release have. The driver of the escort vehicle, also a Bulgarian, can be left off for good behavior at the earliest after 30 years.

The tragic case in August of 2015 had an international caused a vibration. The refrigerated truck with the bodies of the 71 suffocated people, among them four children, had Austrian police officers parked in a motorway Bay near the village of Parndorf found near the border with Hungary. The driver had dropped off earlier in the chase vehicle.

The burden of the refugees would have to bring the car – at the climax of the former refugee flows from the middle East in the middle of Europe – from the Hungarian-Serbian border to Austria. They were suffocated, as studies have shown, even on Hungarian territory in agony. The tractors were identified as members of an international gang in Hungary, arrested and brought to justice.

The presiding judge Erik Mezölaki justified on Thursday the aggravation of the first-instance judgments of the Severity of the crime. “It was a very prominent crime, with tragic consequences,” he said in the oral justification of the verdict. “71 people died a terrible, agonizing death, the offenders do not really want to, you abided, however.”

The people gathered shortly after the departure in southern Hungary to the walls of the cargo area, because they got no air. The driver stopped occasionally, but did not dare to open the loading door. The other three tugs ordered him, if possible, not to stop and to open, in any case, the loading door in order to avoid a Blow. “The smugglers thought this was more important than the lives of 71 people. You have to behave in relation to the death of the victim indifferent,” said the judge.

In connection with the death drive of the refrigerated truck had been arrested, the Hungarian and the Bulgarian police with eight other members of the trafficking gang – seven Bulgarians, and Lebanese -. In the complex procedure of first instance, a year ago, in Kecskemet, 100 kilometers South of Budapest, were also sentenced these men to several years of imprisonment. They were involved in a total of 25 tractor rides from southern Hungary to Austria and Germany.

Against two other band members, among them one at the time in Serbia is active Afghan, were tried in their absence. The court of appeal in Szeged changed these judgments slightly. Due to people smuggling in the framework of a criminal organisation, they received prison sentences of between four and twelve years.