in October 2002 was a terrible time for the people in the US capital Washington and along the nearby Interstate 95, the so-called Beltway, in the neighboring States of Virginia and Maryland. No one, literally no one could be sure of his life. If when Refueling or in the Parking lot of the supermarket, while Waiting for the Bus, or while mowing the lawn – always a ball could put your own life abruptly to an end. It was a three week nightmare. Who had not ventured out of the house.

The case of the “D.C. Snipers,” the sniper of Washington, made 17 years ago, international headlines. And often the relief was greater than at 24. October 2002 message to the world that John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo were caught. Only at the time of their arrest, it became clear that it was a Sniper, in reality they are two persons.


New view, but once again: D. C. Sniper, Lee Boyd Malvo alias John Lee Malvo (2003)

©Chesapeake Sheriff’s office/ Picture Alliance Lee Boyd Malvo – too young for the death penalty

at Least ten people have fallen at the time of the unprecedented series of murders to the victims. These are the proven deeds, there are probably more. No one is keen to remember the days full of fear, in October 2002. And but that’s exactly what will happen in the coming autumn.

Since then, the Supreme court of the United States, the Supreme Court must answer the question of whether the sentencing of the underage Lee Boyd Malvo to two life imprisonment without the possibility of parole is illegal. Or whether it is due to his young age, on the contrary, the opportunity should have been given to improve and, therefore, the prison once again to leave. Only the fact that he was still a teenager, kept Malvo from the death penalty, did not escape his accomplice, and “foster father”.


“your children are not sure”

Supreme Court D. C. Sniper even opens up the opportunity of

to come After he has now spent half his life in prison, Lee Boyd Malvo drawn back to hope, yet again. Ironically, there is already a decision of the Supreme Court of 2012. It says that the sentencing of Minors to life imprisonment without the possibility of early dismissal unconstitutional. In 2016, precisely the judges have considered that the decision was retroactively valid. Life sentences are imposed without the possibility of parole should be only in “extremely rare cases” against young offenders whose crimes suggest that they are no longer improve.

Lee Boyd Malvo went in appeal, but the courts ever since, to different Judgments. The Supreme court of Virginia about decided against him, a different appellate court for a retrial. Now the Supreme Court wants to deal itself with the case. His decision could have consequences for hundreds of other U.S. prisoners who were at the time of their conviction is also still a minor.

Accesses the exception for Lee Boyd Malvo?

A crucial point of the renegotiation is likely to be whether Lee Boyd Malvos case, must be counted among those “extremely rare cases” in which the Supreme Court holds the life-long Lock up a youthful offender. Many that have witnessed the days of fear in October 2002, questions: when, if not in this case, would be to do this?

Actually, the “Beltway Sniper Attacks”, such as the series of murders is also referred to, in all circumstances, extraordinary. Muhammad and Malvo were doing in any way as a serial killer. Instead it is foreseen to victims with certain characteristics, they chose their targets spontaneously, killing women, men and children, regardless of age or race. There was neither a connection of the victims to each other for a certain time of the crime, or to delimit the end Region, in which the two murdered. The Profiler noted that there must be a single offender, a white man, instead of a murderer killed here Spanish Duo from a African-Americans and young people of Caribbean origin.


in 2009, executed: D.C. Sniper John Allen Muhammad alias John Allen Williams on 9.3.2004 before a court in Manassa, Virginia.

Picture Alliance murders out of the trunk

The Sniper series began on may 2. and 3. October, with indiscriminate attacks in the space of a few hours. John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo were in a blue Chevrolet Caprice. The two had met in Antigua. Lee lived there for a time with his mother, and Muhammad had kidnapped his own children there, for which he later lost custody. Although his mother built no intimate relationship to the Ex-soldiers, was the 41-Year-old a kind of father for without a father-raised Lee. After returning to the United States Lee remained with Muhammad, who lived in the Washington area.

The car the two were traveling in was at the same time, the option to stay Overnight and killing machine. The trunk was rebuilt so that a man can lie in and go unnoticed to people could shoot. Usually, it should be Lee Boyd Malvo had been pulled the trigger of a laser aiming device equipped semi-automatic rifle of the type Bushmaster ACR, and the people killed. Muhammad was born as John Allen Williams, but later converted to the Nation of Islam joined and changed his name, had been trained to protect in the army, to snipers. May be he passed on to his son Lee. The 17-Year-old killed with a targeted shot.


in the prison made a drawing of the D.C. Snipers, Lee Boyd Malvo. After reading of his lawyers, the sketches show the dependence of Malvos of his older accomplice, John Allen Muhammad.

©Fairfax co. Circuit Court/ Picture-Alliance 3. October 2002: The frenzy of the Snipers

The first of those belonging to the series of shots fell on 2. October at 17.20. He punched through the window of a store in Aspen Hill, Maryland, and injured no one. 45 minutes later, the 55-year-old programmer, James Martin was the first victim of the “D.C. Sniper”. He was met at a supermarket Parking lot fatal.

On 3. October will have known the police are hardly, as you happened:

7.41 PM: The 39-year-old gardener, James L. Buchanan is the lawn mowing in rock Vielle erschossen8.12 PM: During the Refuelling of the Taxis of the 54 dies in Aspen Hill,-year-old Prem Kumar Walekar8.37 PM: The 34-year-old Sarah Ramos sits reading at a bus stop in Silver Spring as the fatal shot trifft9.58 PM: The nanny Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera, 25, dies during the Refuelling of your car in Kensington, Maryland21.15 am: The 72-year-old pensioner Pascal Charlot is hit while walking on Georgia Avenue in Washington, D.C., and died a short time later

Only gradually, the relationship between the actions is clear – and the only note is that the fatal bullet came from the same gun.

“your children are not sure”

From now on, passed hardly a day without another dead or injured. The last victim of the Sniper series, the 35-year-old Conrad Johnson, to 5.56 PM on the 22. October was taken on the steps of his bus fatal. A telephone note of Lee Boyd Malvo, the police found near the scene a short letter. The demand for money and a threat that went around the world: “your children are not safe. Nowhere and at no time.”

But just two days later the murderous Duo was caught in his blue car. At a crime scene, they had found a fingerprint of Lee Malvo, the fit to a counterpart in the immigration Department. Also notes on the blue Capricorn had accumulated, and as a Trucker spotted the car in a Parking lot and the Alarm was to hit the police. The officials surprised Muhammad and Malvo in his sleep. In the car, the murder weapon was.

death sentence

Sniper of Washington stretches out with a poison syringe executed

DPA The mastermind is will be executed

even Though John should have run All of Muhammad not of proven murders, he was convicted as the mastermind of the murder series to death, and in 2009 by the poison syringe executed. As the entire case, this was unusual, because normally this is executed in the United States no one who has not killed themselves. But the courts stated in this case that the murders are part of a terrorist acts. It was said that Muhammad was after the attacks of 9. September 2011, radicalized and on a personal Jihad found.

Really, the motive was clarified however never. Hatred of the United States was called, also, the ransom note from the last crime scene was discussed as a note on the subject. It is also unclear why Muhammad’s “pull-committed son” Lee all of these acts. He wanted to impress his father figure? Ten years after the killings, Lee Boyd Malvo apologized in an Interview with the “Washington Post” for his actions. He described himself as a “Monster” and a “thief” who had stolen people’s lives. The Supreme Court had stated that the sentencing of a teenager to life in prison without hope of ever free, was unconstitutional.

it May come now, even the remaining “D. C. Sniper” needs to be released? Experts expect that Malvos penalties will be converted so that a release will not be excluded on probation. His lawyers will probably argue, as then, in order that her client had been under the strong influence of the father figure John Allen Muhammad. The decision of the Supreme Court will stand in the autumn the focus of the American Public.

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