The administrative court in Berlin has ruled that the Federal government is committed to, family members of IS fighters get back to Germany.

With the decision for Wednesday will be prompted to the Ministry of foreign Affairs, to the identity of three minor children in a Syrian refugee camp to establish and after that, the children and their mother to Germany, said a court spokeswoman on Thursday.

In the immediate decision it is, which could be called from lower Saxony-born mother and the children to the enshrined in the basic law of the state duty to Protect. The conditions in the camp were a threat to the lives of the children. Therefore, the German state had to be engaged.

The channels NDR and WDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung” had first reported about the decision. According to the report, the children are eight, seven and almost two years old. The Foreign office had argued, therefore, that you do not see any obligation to help the mother when they return from Syria to Germany.

In the Kurdish Camps should live according to the report, dozens of German IS-fighters, their wives, and an estimated three-digit number of children with German citizenship.

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