corruption and bribery to take a poll in the economy and in public institutions in Germany.

leaders of the international economy, the Federal Republic ranked in the corruption index of Transparency International (TI) is worse than in the previous year. Germany slipped, therefore, in the on Tuesday published rating slightly – but is still far above the international average.

“Obviously, the impression that you can promote using unfair methods in Germany shops exists here,” said TI Chairwoman Edda Müller in Berlin. The scandals of the major German corporations had the Faith of the people in the rule of law crumble.

The annually published Index measures the economic, policy, and management of perceived corruption in the public sector in Germany and 179 in other countries. People around the world to 2018 suffered, therefore, more corruption than in the previous year. This is perceived in the United States in economic and state institutions as a growing Problem.

striking: the citizens of The EU member States Romania and Bulgaria suffer according to the Index, more government corruption than, for instance, people in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Rwanda. Circuit is light, as in previous years, Somalia. The rarest experience of the people against corruption in Denmark, new Zealand and Finland.

According to an assessment by Transparency International, there is a clear connection between increasing corruption and a decay of democracies and rule of law structures. Corruption thrives wherever democratic structures would be weakened – examples in Europe, Hungary, and Turkey.