It was quiet in Westminster, before Easter and after. Sometimes, the British Parliament was literally orphaned, a startling silence of the chamber. The Nation and the still broke up more MP needed is a clear break. But now, since next week is a election on the island, which is actually no one wanted to take everything back. This is especially true for a man who didn’t want to. And now, more or less, does not want to happen to his wedding five years ago: Nigel Farage, head of the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip), and is now Chairman of the young Brexit-party will win the European elections – if it is still a miracle. But wonder no-one believes in the island after a turbulent few months. Except in football, of course. And unless Theresa May possibly.

in Europe and in the United Kingdom on the 23. May

The Brexit-the party seems to be in a vacuum created by the Conservatives in Alliance with Labour. We’ll get to that. Both parties go into the elections next Thursday with a rather restrained and a little enthusiasm. Knowing that this ballot they would have made could have been avoided, if a compromise on the rails. For weeks, the government and the Opposition are negotiating a possible exit deal. Movement: zero. This is a weird known.

European elections

Brexit-party Nigel Farage is the strongest force in the Kingdom

On Tuesday May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn met again, and the Prime Minister announced that she was going to drag the beginning of June, already three times before abgeschmetterten Deal again in front of the Parliament. With the support of Labour. Or without. It looks more without the and new Broke.

You know the drill.

so It is not surprising that the British lose patience. Especially the conservative voters together to Farage in droves and his party, which will come to all the polls show that well over 30 percent – more than the Tories and Labour. Now Europe has a choice for the Kingdom per se is not a particularly great importance, politically and symbolically. After the disastrous local elections in early may, the Tories are likely to abgewatscht again and the pressure May be even greater.

The same plight in the UK as in the last election

Only the constellation has shifted one Iota. May rejected a second Referendum would be decided and moved also not in the question of a possible customs Union with the EU, which Labour requires as a Basis for a contrary to come. Their chief Jeremy Corbyn expresses only a maximum of hesitant, but pushed out of our own ranks, apparently in the direction of the popular vote. Keir Starmer, labour’s shadow Minister for the Brexit, and Tom Watson, Deputy party Chairman, declared in unison that they would tie the approval for Mays Deal in a repeated Referendum.

The conservative hardliners demand that May, in turn, not on the demands of the Opposition, otherwise you risk splitting their party. What is absurd, because the party is already divided, already irretrievably. Today, Thursday, May, a prominent group of behind bänklern to tell now again, when they intend to vacate their Posts at last. And you will sit out the expected to with the her own stubbornness. Running in the Background, meanwhile, potential successors to warm. Also: it is not new. Boris Johnson is finally getting.