the Union and the SPD in the Bundestag want to decide on your planned Reform to information about abortion this week in the Bundestag. In the Union group there was a meeting on Tuesday only one vote against.

In the case of the SPD-deputies, there was a lively debate, a large majority of the painstakingly negotiated coalition compromise. This is the German press Agency learned on Tuesday from the participants of the meetings. The final advice is expected to be held this Thursday.

Through the agreement in the coalition to Clause 219a Pregnant more easily than in the past about the possibilities of an abortion, to inform. Unlike in the past, Doctors and hospitals must inform so in the future, about the fact that they perform abortions. For further information, they must, however, referred to authorities, advice agencies and chambers of Physicians.

Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) and SPD parliamentary group leader Andrea Nahles had praised the compromise and confidence shown that the law can change to be completed. At the same time, Brinkhaus said: “Because there is at one point or another and still conversation.” Nahles spoke of a “very good compromise”, even if the SPD was more for the abolition of the paragraph.