The peaks of Union and SPD want to align to the heavy losses in the European elections and personnel changes at the social-Democrats of the course of the coalition’s new.

the Central theme of your coalition, Committee, on Sunday evening, the draft budget for 2020, and the financial planning for the coming years. Union and the SPD had announced that after the European elections and with a view to the autumn regional elections in the Eastern German States of Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia, the present focus of the Federal budget review.

With these budget and financial planning for the next years are connected to other topics, which are either in the coalition agreement, or otherwise, a government Action necessary to make such a reorganisation of the land tax or land rent. In addition, the coalition wants to expand the mobile network as quickly as possible and to the Standard 5G bring, what should be in the next few years also budget relevant.

The coalition Committee, which meets regularly with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), together for the first time in a new occupation. After the resignation of Andrea Nahles as the SPD parliamentary faction and party Chairman page, the acting group chief Rolf Mützenich, as well as the three interim party Chairman, Malu Dreyer, Manuela Schwesig, and Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel will now be expected of the SPD.

In the deadlocked dispute over a Reform of the property tax, the prospect brought on your own countries regulations a new impetus. Reportedly were able to communicate Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the state of Bavaria already on a compromise. This seems to be due to resistance from other countries, there is no basis for an overall agreement within the Grand coalition. According to the figures, the agreement between Bavaria and Scholz provides the opportunity for comprehensive opening clauses for the länder, which had been rejected by Scholz in the past. An Amendment to the basic law would then be mandatory.

Surprisingly, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had announced at a meeting of the German Mieterbunds in Cologne, Germany, that the Federal government wanted to introduce in the coming week with likely a draft law that is likely to have however, there are still difficult parliamentary deliberations and discussions in the Federal Council. Whether the topic is actually the subject of the deliberations of the coalition Committee, however, is open. The Federal constitutional court had demanded due to obsolete bases a new system of property tax by the end of 2019.

Shortly before the Meeting on Sunday evening, Minister of social Affairs and Hubertus Heil (SPD) called on the Union to negotiate the proposed basic pension. Starting Monday, you could get started with the negotiations, and to come in this summer to a solution, he told the editors ‘ network Germany (RND/Saturday). At the same time, he insisted on a basic pension, which the parties agreed otherwise than in the coalition agreement, no means test is. The Union rejects so far categorically.

The coalition factions of the CDU and the SPD, announced at their conference last week to one of the next projects, the Expansion of the mobile network to drive forward. A new mobile-infrastructure company of the Federal government for the construction of mobile phone masts should be ensured are set up in regions. The Federal government is not supposed to interfere with the new company, where the private economic Development functioning and still white spots were. At the same time they wanted to make the leap to the next mobile communications standard, 5G. These projects will be reported in next year’s budget effectively.

And, after months of dispute, will try to hold the factions now but in the abolition of the solidarity surcharge for only 90 percent of the taxpayer, as in the coalition agreement. This step should be effective from 2021, as a decision is apparent. The Treasury would have to give up around ten billion euros in tax revenues per year, which corresponds approximately to the half of the current volume of the solos. Recently, the demand for the complete abolition of the solos was from the Union came. Union group Vice Carsten Linnemann (CDU), called on the SPD in the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday), to accept in exchange for the waiver by the Union to the full Soli-abolition, in turn, a basic pension with means test.

the FDP and the employers ‘ Association total metal, demanded the total abolition of the Solis as a legally offered. The Parliamentary Manager of the FDP parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Marco Buschmann, said the dpa: “The solos impacted not only the citizens, but also the small and medium-sized enterprises.” The chief Executive of the metal employers ‘ Association, Oliver Zander, said the dpa, if the Grand coalition will once again for the strength, for nearly three decades, repeated promise, and the solos completely abolish, then it is a smooth word and a poverty certificate at the same time. “The Federal constitutional court will provide this injustice from the world.”