What is the relevance of persons and personalities for a Parliament, has represented the Illustrator Simon Schwartz, 36, in his book, “The Parliament – 45 life for the democracy”. Schwartz had been commissioned in 2017 by the art Advisory Committee of the German Bundestag to the life and Work of German parliamentarians to draw in the approximately 150 years between the first democratically elected German Parliament in 1848, and the unification of Germany in 1990, is a pioneer and Germany play a crucial role in. The Portraits will be exhibited until the end of August in the Reichstag, and are published as a book. The star has taken Simon Schwartz for an Interview.


“The Parliament – 45 life for the democracy,” by Simon Schwartz, Avant-Verlag, 22 Euro, here, can be ordered

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The subtitle of your book is “45 life for the democracy”. Why 45 and why, exactly, are these biographies?
The amount was due to the fact that the first order was 20 biographies, 1848 to 1933 and the second from 1933 to 1990, also 20. The decision was made to representatives of the first and only freely elected people’s chamber in the project record came out. The brief was to make biographies of the members of Parliament. In my work, people who were on the side line of the story interest me, in fact, always more. In this respect, it was clear that for me it is not attractive, Adenauer and Herbert Wehner to portray. I wanted to find members who are rather unknown. Who actually are these people who sit in the Parliament, in addition to the celebrities? What do they actually do? What drives people to go into a Parliament? What German drives to go in a German Parliament?


Friedrich Siegmund Jucho (1805-1884) is the beginning of the 45 parliamentarians, the Simon Schwartz presents in his book “The Parliament”. In the elections of 1848 and he was appointed as a member of the German national Assembly. After the end of the Paul’s Church Parliament, he came into conflict with the German Confederation. He kept the archive of the national Assembly with the Original of the constitutional Charter, it was removed in 1852, with violence, however, the constitutional Charter he had brought to safety. To England, in the “mother country of modern democracy,” as Schwartz paints an ironic picture.

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How did it feel to be so high for a Graphic Novel selected?
of course, It is a great honour for me as an artist, but it goes a little bit about it. You have to say, that in 1926 the law was passed against dirt and filth, which was directed specifically against graphic literature, ergo Comics. And this law has been confirmed in different ways in the East and the West again. In the FRG, in the protection of the youth in the GDR, there were even more specifically, the phrase “guilty everyone is, finally, the Comics has spread or not to move in can be”. In this respect, it is also an accolade for the art form of Comic book in Germany. Germany makes an development in seven-League boots, other countries have long been made.

How you proceed in the design of the pages?
to tell A complete biography on one page, is a bit presumptuous. You can only reduce, and like movie Stills Spotlights put. The Text is kept quite sober, but you can create the graphics, an emotional story level, and so a lot of additional information to install.

in addition to the 33 men and 11 women portray, you also a Phantom.
Jakob Maria Mierscheid first appeared in 1979 in the acts of the Bundestag and is actually an invention of several SPD deputies. He is often things that do not go with the group opinion, I think he is a kind of valve for the SPD. Mierscheid can also say things that would not tell the party otherwise, he is like a Till-Eulenspiegel-figure. He has written, for example, a treatise on rowing boats. I also find interesting is that there are always other parties say no, he would be right now transferred to them, which is then denied by the SPD immediately. At the opening of the exhibition Wolfgang Schäuble spoke to me of the fact, that, Yes, even Mierscheid was portrayed and that he was there to push him again, the changes appear again more frequently in the Bundestag. Mierscheid is somehow taken seriously and I believe that the SPD pays for each day he is not present penalty. Since 1979. Norbert Lammert has him publicly for the 80. Birthday in the Bundestag congratulated, but also because he has to apologize. I think he should carry the spirit of Carlo Schmid (1896-1979), who is also said to be quite humorous, and more.


Jakob Maria Mierscheid is the only still living members of the 45 of Simon Schwartz portrayed MP because he is a Phantom. As a party member of the SPD, he became in 1979 a member of the German Bundestag, however, constantly in the meetings. The Bundestag has released a self-description Mierscheids, in which it States, among other things: “I am neither an invention, nor a Patent, I am the solution.” The fictional politician is also a Blogger as well as Twitter and Facebook active.

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The Parliament is not so, as you imagine it?
The cliché is that there are power and money hungry people that go into politics. If you are busy, but a different image. It is noteworthy that all of them have a completely different social Background, in contrast to France, England and the USA. There you have to be on the right Uni been for you, then you’re guaranteed to be in a Parliament. In Germany, this is not so, Otto Wels was an upholsterer. Joschka Fischer was a taxi driver. But what they all have in common, despite their different political positions, is to Believe in a parliamentary democracy. That sounds like a post-card saying, but this is not, of course, in Germany. And it is not, of course, that we have since 1949, a parliamentary democracy in Germany. This can be seen in these biographies and the failure of parliaments or a sham Parliament as the people’s chamber.

If you had to give someone a tip for the European election, how he should address you?
Pro-European with empathy and humanism.

The exhibition “The Parliament – 45 life for democracy,” can 31 to to. August 2019 in the members lobby of the Reichstagsgebäbuilding can be visited in Berlin.