In connection with the mass of a child are liable to abuse in Lügde has taken the local youth welfare office, five more children in care. A spokesman for the circle of lip confirmed on Wednesday. Prior to this, the WDR reported. “The children are the victims. The parents could be perpetrators. The is determined. A child also lived in a caravan on the campsite,” said the youth welfare office Director Karl Eitel John the WDR.

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The youth welfare office to the circle and lip have received instructions by professionals, as well as View in the police, the spokesman said. It is about the suspicion of abuse. After the first case, and of the taking into care in mid-November, 2018, all employees would be looking particularly closely. Prosecutors and police announced for the afternoon, an opinion to the suspicion of the circle, in addition to the suspect foster-father other parents might be abusers.

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should need In the first known case of an unemployed permanent campers, together with an accomplice over the years, children abused and filmed. He used to be a foster child, a little girl, according to the investigation, other victims to attract. At the beginning of 2017, the man had received – at the request of the in the middle of lower Saxony, the living mother – the guardianship for the girl. It had already lived longer with him.

police scandal of Lügde

Against 15 police officers from North Rhine-Westphalia was because of child porn and abuse


Of the total of six in the care taken of children determined would currently care for five in a stationary youth welfare institutions and foster families, said the circular speaker.

caring father, despite the pedophilia-a suspicion of,

meanwhile, the pressure on the Hameln district administrator Tjark Bartels grows. The SPD-politician interviewed on Thursday by the social Committee of the Parliament of lower Saxony, said a spokesman for the Ministry of social Affairs on Wednesday in Hanover. Bartels had admitted on Tuesday that the youth welfare office, Hameln, despite multiple references to pedophilia today’s main suspect, who lived at the campsite in Lügde, as a nursing father for the little girl had used.

as early as 2016, a job centre employee, a different father, as well as a Kindergarten psychologist had expressed a suspicion. These instructions are also noted in the files. In the past, the district had always spoken only of References to the messy living conditions of the foster father.

sources: DPA, WDR

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