On the Smartphone, which has ensured the police in the case of Andreas N., see a Video of Yvonne Mey*. It is located in the apartment of the doctor on the bed. “What have you given me?” she asks quietly. “Guarana,” replies the doctor. “Why you didn’t ask me if I want to?” – “I did.” – “No,” breathed Yvonne Mey.

Shortly thereafter, the 38-year-old hairdresser loses consciousness. 15: 30 going on 20. In February of this year at the fire Department an emergency call. “A resuscitation, please, very quickly. I’ve already started,” says N. so calm, as he’ll order a Pizza.

Seemingly flawless resume

Yvonne Mey not come to consciousness. Six days later, the Doctors in the halbstadt hospital equipment. On the bed 13-year-old son, her husband, her mother, the sister-in-law to sit. The father can’t be there when his daughter dies. He suffered the day before a heart attack.

In the blood of Yvonne Mey, the laboratory has as much cocaine as otherwise only in the case of drug couriers, which is a condom with the drug in the body is burst. But Yvonne Mey, husband, parents and friends of the criminal division, the protest was strictly against drugs. You’ve smoked or drank alcohol.

Andreas N., chief physician of the hand surgery in Halberstadt, was on Monday sentenced by the regional court of Magdeburg because of three times heavier rape and assault resulting in death. He must be determined to nine years in prison and then in preventive detention until he is no longer dangerous.

in the opinion of the court, has poisoned N. Yvonne Mey secretly with cocaine so her death caused. Other women he had poisoned and sexually abused. The drugs he administered to them secretly, among other things, he has his Penis so that rubbed.

The curriculum vitae of Andreas N. tells the story of a steep career: studying in Germany and in the United States. PhD research scholarship in Michigan. Chief physician posts in the whole of Germany. Plastic surgeon in Kuwait. A long list of articles in journals and books. Andreas N. has been awarded scientific prizes, came to his qualification as a Professor. Behind the seemingly flawless resume, a secret concealed, however: doctor N. was a Junkie.

There are no reliable studies about it, how many Doctors are drug or medication-dependent. However, the high work burden, the great responsibility, the daily confrontation with the suffering of the patients – all of which makes them more vulnerable than other occupational groups. The Federal chamber of physicians assumes that seven to eight percent of physicians suffer from at least once in your life to an addiction disease. And each of the dependent doctor, and is a risk for his patients.


Yvonne Mey* died after an Overdose of cocaine

©hfr “Totally fucked up”

The can therefore, as well as colleagues and members of the chambers of Physicians – also anonymously – if you suspect a doctor is a dependency. The chambers offer auxiliary programs, and invite the Concerned to an interview. The are reasonable, you will be treated, your abstinence will be monitored. You should not appear, however, to the conversation, switches the Board for approvals competent authority. This can arrange that the physician must be evaluated.

There was also in the context of Andreas N. many people knew that he was addicted to cocaine. “It is amazing how many people from his drugs knew of addiction. And that they took little or nothing about it”, says the Dresden-based attorney Thomas Zeeh, who represented the widower of Yvonne Mey. “You need to leave now to the question as to whether Yvonne could still be alive, if you had opened your mouth.”


lawyer Thomas Zeeh from Dresden, took Meys widower as a co-plaintiff.

©Kerstin Herrnkind/star

in 2009, Andreas N. treated in Hanover, the veterinarian Maya Wise* after a cat bite. The two became a Couple and moved in together. Soon, Wise said in court, there were problems. If you came from night duty, was blaring her friend often “completely”. He cokes for over ten years, he had confessed to her. “No one understands me, no one is there for me, only my Dealer,” he said.

cocaine dampens Hunger, and keeps you alert, strengthens, seemingly, the self-consciousness, has a euphoric. But it’s also psychologically dependent, and aggressive. Andreas N. is supposed to be violent. He got her hair pulled, picture frame glass on your head smashed in and tries to rape her, said Maya Smart. As N. doused with Ethanol, and had threatened, and the apartment on fire, leaving him.

Maya Kluge moved one of his colleagues into his confidence. The informed boss. The supervisor turned on the doctor and the addiction of the clinic supervisor. Andreas N. was allowed to operate no more patients. He made a therapy in the Weser mountain country. When he came back after several weeks, he asked a question of his employment contract in mid-2011 to dissolve.

“never Trust a Junkie”

The surgeon moved on to Regensburg, was a Senior physician. At a Congress of his old boss from Hannover met the new Chef from Regensburg. “You have to have an eye on Mr. N.,” he warned the colleagues, without the drugs to address the problem. “I had no occasion,” he said now before the court. The privacy, he said, would have forbidden him also. However, he would have been able to inform the chamber of Physicians.

Of Regensburg joined Andreas N. to Berlin in 2013. There he later met his old College friend, Evi stone* again. During oral sex you’ve suddenly had a disgusting taste in the mouth. “Never trust a Junkie”, said Andreas N. only gloated, as she introduced him to the speech. Nevertheless, the Doctor met with him, the last Time one evening in November 2015. After a glass of champagne she had blacked out. The next Morning they caused in quick succession, two traffic accidents. A man was injured.

In their blood were found cocaine, tranquilizers, and alcohol. The Doctor lost her licence for nine months and had a total of 15,000 Euro penalty for Pain and suffering and damages. Evi stone knew that Andreas N. cocaine-dependent. She knew that he operated as a surgeon, people. Nevertheless, they reported neither the display, nor went to the doctors chamber.

murder case

Gypsy was tormented by her own mother – her only way out: murder

Of Katharina Grimm

Meanwhile, N. had lost his Job in Berlin. It is said that he had not appeared for duty, I ea patient on the operating table, as a former colleague told the star. The surgeon found a new Job in a clinic in Dessau, but remained there only a few months. “He was often absent, seemed erratic and unfocused,” says a former colleague.

In the summer of 2016 started a doctor in a hospital in Halberstadt. Yvonne Mey, a strikingly beautiful woman with long, blond hair, belonging to his patients. The hairdresser suffered from tendonitis and could no longer move her Hand. But she loved her Job, wanted to take over a Salon. Before the Operation in January of 2017 visited Andreas N. his patient at home to discuss the engagement with your. Her husband was surprised at how unabashed the doctor stared at his wife. Soon after, he suspected that the two were having an affair, wanted to have it but it’s true.

“she was in love with him.”

Yvonne Mey was not the only patient, with the help of the doctor anbändelte. He led several relationships at the same time. Sonja Pohl*, a medical assistant, was familiar with both the patient as well as colleague, the two met in the Berlin clinic. She attended N. in his apartment, and saw, as she describes in court how the Dealer supplied the surgeon’s home with drugs. In June 2017, you drank a coke. Afterwards, she lay in a daze on his bed, while Andreas N. slept with her. Also Sonja Pohl went neither to the police nor to the doctors chamber.

Susann Hahn* was also a patient. During oral sex with N. in August 2017, the beautician had a strange taste in the mouth. Shortly thereafter, she says now, she couldn’t move, half out of it she noticed that N. had Sex with her.

murder of Debbie Sue Carter

New True-Crime series on Netflix: The incredible case of Ron Williamson

at the end of September 2017, the hairdresser Yvonne Mey spent a night with the doctor in a Berlin Hotel. After that, she showed a friend of bruises on the wrist. N. have you tied up during Sex, she told. “It was for your Christian Grey from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,'” said the friend in the courtroom. “She was in love with him.” Mey told her friend, also a “magic cream”, with N. they would RUB. Apparently, administered the doctor of his Beloved suspected of secretly for months cocaine, the Prosecutor’s office. Yvonne Mey changed, showed the characteristics of a cocaine addiction. “You took off, was Moody and very much related,” recalls the friend. “The hair fell out of her in clumps.”

Two days after he had been with Yvonne Mey in Berlin, got doctor N. re private visit of a former patient. Petra White* drank a glass of champagne in his apartment, and fell asleep. When she woke up, they would have shrugged your arms and legs wildly, like an epileptic fit, she says. Andreas N. have hit on her sat and her face. Dimly have perceived, how the doctor had then a liquid on his Penis and her Vagina rubbed.


In the courtroom, Andreas N. seems peculiarly uninvolved. He jokes and laughs with his lawyers, not questions of medical specialist, acting as an expert, as a defendant, who fear a life-long prison sentence. In the case of Yvonne Mey, the court held, first, as it has made it clear in a legal notice, a conviction for murder is possible. On the Video is not to see that she’s breathing. The judge therefore had the suspicion that Andreas N. has started to late with the heart-pressure massage.

The doctor denied to have a woman poisoned, and refused otherwise to the statement. The defense strategy of his lawyers is simple: The women all the coke had been on the inside. The Video does not come from the day that Yvonne Mey lost consciousness. About his life, Andreas N. wanted to tell the psychiatric expert of nothing.

star crime


Katy was a slave. Then they asked questions. For example: Was her father really a God?

By Michael Streck

“My son had, will certainly be an unremarkable Childhood,” writes his mother, the star. She holds her son to be innocent. Andreas N. was born in the Ruhr area. His mother, a teacher, a father, an Austrian psychologist. Kindergarten and elementary school was normal, says the mother.

But then the father was infected through a contaminated blood product with HIV. The marriage of the parents broke up. The father got custody. The mother believes that because he was infected with HIV. “You still have a long life ahead of itself,” said the family judge her. “What was meant was probably: ‘Your husband will die soon, let him, but at least the child.'”

With 14 moved to Andreas N. for the father to Austria. About this time, he told friends, with whom the star spoke, dark stories. His father was a “Sadist”. He had him spit on the bread and Jam and his toothbrush used, apparently, to his son, fear of contagion scare.

Penis with cocaine rubbed

doctor N. poisoned, according to the court of women. He repeated the Trauma of his youth? Or he wanted to make the women just defenseless, his Power to savor? On his phone, the police found more movies of women, naked, tied up, all the weird apathetic, as out of it.

Affection, I know your son is from the father only, if he had shown power, writes the mother. “This is, in my opinion, the fundamental evil, which must be clearly named.” The father exposed the son of a “power of terror”. When the father died, moved, Andreas N. back to mother, graduated from high school, studied medicine, became a doctor.

Yvonne Mey had fallen in love with him, says her friend. However, N. offset, not answered, called again, she wanted to see. Shortly before her death, as she is filmed in his bedroom, seems to understand Mey what she is in. “What am I to you? Nothing, is it?” she asks him. “I thought I could trust you.” The voice of the doctor is to hear: “Yes, you Can.” Yvonne Mey. “No, you give me something without asking me. I would have even joined in.”

Eleven days later, on may 3. March 2018, stayed at N. again with a woman in a Berlin Hotel – a Doctor, with whom he has been betrothed a short time before. After that, the police must be treated the wife for a few days in the hospital because of cocaine poisoning. In the case of the police, the woman said at the time, Andreas N. have his Penis before the Sex with cocaine rubbed bronzen. But then she was suddenly, from your right to remain silent as the fiancée of use.

Andreas N. poisoned, only five days after the death of Yvonne Mey another woman with cocaine? The question could not be put before the district court. The public Prosecutor has ceased the proceedings in this case. The fiancee, which may have been the principal witness for the prosecution, was not allowed to be heard.

you want to. Andrew N. married, Not in prison

*Name changed by the editors.

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