German Chancellor Angela Merkel has heated up with Statements about their increased sense of responsibility for Europe, speculation about a change to a key EU Post. In an Interview with the “süddeutsche Zeitung” announced the CDU-politician in the future with even greater dedication than before for the future of Europe. “A lot of Worry about Europe, I also. This results in a even heightened sense of responsibility to take care of me together with other to the fate of this Europe with me.”

In the Interview, Merkel summoned at the same time, your relationship with the French President, Emmanuel Macron. This is likely to the choice of Europe on 26. May, in addition to Merkel a key role in the distribution of EU top posts, play. In the exchange-speculation Merkel is usually associated as a possible successor to EU Council President Donald Tusk to the game on the Post, you could contribute as a facilitator of their great experience.


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Juncker: Merkel does not disappear in oblivion

the EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker had recently made it clear that he considers it conceivable that Angela Merkel takes over after her time as Chancellor, a role at the European level. “I can’t imagine that Angela Merkel will disappear in the woodwork,” he said at the end of April the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “Not only is she a person of respect, but a lovely work of art.” With a view to a possible EU-office of Merkel, he added: “highly qualified, you would be.”

Although Merkel admitted in the “süddeutsche Zeitung” disagreements with Macron, she sees your relationship unencumbered. “Certainly, we are wrestling each other. There are differences in mentality between us, as well as differences in the understanding of one’s role.” That was with the previous President. Nevertheless, Germany and France agreed “in the big lines, of course,” and would always be compromises. “So we are doing a lot for Europe even today.” On the question of whether or worse your relationship with Macron in the past few months, replied Merkel: “no. Not at all.”

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By Tilman Gerwien Angela Merkel: always Find the middle with Macron

The Chancellor also rejected the accusation that they set compared to Macron less Europe political impetus, which is why he is regarded as a Reformer, as Bremserin. “We always find a middle.” As an example, Merkel cited the “enormous progress” in the defense policy. So you’ve decided to develop a fighter plane and a tank. “It is, however, a large mutual compliment and a sign of confidence, if you leave in the defence policy-more closely.”

Macron was not so long active in the political process as you said the Chancellor – he’ll bring “kind of a little bit of perspective from the outside. It is good when we see our Europe from different angles.” At the same time, she warned, if we “could no longer justify Europe’s future-oriented, would also work for Peace in quicker in danger than you think”.

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