On the judicial conference of the Ministers of the countries of the failure of an Initiative in Hamburg to make the removal of food from supermarket dumpsters criminal free. The resolution on the decriminalization of the so-called containers found at the spring conference of Ministers of justice in Lübeck-Travemünde is no majority. Hamburg’s Senator of justice Till Steffen (Green) expressed disappointment: “There is no man understands must be punished, why the collection of garbage.”

This is considered theft and may be prosecuted. Hamburg therefore proposed to change the concept of Property or criminal offences. Hamburg’s Senator of justice Steffen said at the conclusion of the meeting in Travemünde, the Ministers of the Union could not be persuaded, containers to make penalty-free.

According to the schleswig-Holstein Ministry of justice, which is holding currently the presidency of the Minister of justice conference, was asked the Federal government to develop Alternatives for the sharing of food. Thus, it should be shops allows food voluntarily, and without the disadvantages of, for example, of tablets deliver.

epp / AFP