The government parties CDU, CSU and SPD have lost in the past year, several thousand members. This is a survey of the German press-Agency in the party shows the Central.

most of the loss met with the CDU. She had, at the beginning of the year 2018, nearly 426.000 members and has dropped since then to around 11,000 to currently approximately 415,000 members. In the case of the SPD, the number of members decreased during the period less: approximately 443.000 now almost 438.000 members. Also, the CSU has posted a Minus: After 141.400 to the beginning of the year 2018, it is currently still on good 139.000 members.

The Left stagnated at well-62,000 members. the FDP gained almost 1000 and now has almost 64,000 members. Also in the case of the AfD, there was an increase of almost 1000 on now 33.615 members.

Already the day before the “world had reported” that the Greens have, however, is very strong. Currently they are at approximately 75,000 members, to around 65,000 for the year 2017/2018.

Since the beginning of the 90s, the people’s parties have lost on average half of their members. So it was in the year 1990 well 943.000 people with a SPD party book, the two Union parties had over 975,000 members.