the CDU Presidium and Board of Directors to deal in the morning with the results of the “workshop conversation” to migration policy. With further tightening, the CDU wants to arm-tip Germany for a possible renewed influx of refugees.

“We need to unite humanity and hardness”, – stated in the outcome paper of the “workshop conversation”. It’s all applicable to the fact not that a development such as the 2015 repeat.

The CDU wants to loosen the requirements for the detention, and more detention, deportation create places. To limit Migration, there should be, therefore, in the future, an “intelligent border surveillance to rejections,” as well as “event-driven controls along the travel paths”.

This should also aim against the migration policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This has already made it clear that you agree with the receivables after the close of the German border as a last resort in case of a renewed refugee crisis and more on a European solution to the problems set.

Merkel will not take part to the meeting. She traveled to a Meeting of the heads of state and government of the EU and the Arab League in the Egyptian seaside resort of Sharm el Sheikh. Also, the “Workshop” took place without you.