After the sharp criticism from the Youtuber scene, the CDU and the SPD continue to wait for a response from the 26-year-old Youtubers Rezo on your Talk to.

It had so far given no response to the invitation to an exchange of views, it was the first weekend of the CDU. Also from the SPD was heard, there had still been no official feedback on a Video of the Secretary-General, Lars klingbeil, and other SPD politicians, from Friday. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), who wanted to communicate policy more on social media.

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak had invited Rezo on Thursday, according to initial dismissive reactions to the exchange of views. Also, the SPD responded to the criticism from the Youtuber scene with an interview offer. Published Klingbeil, Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert and the members of the European Parliament Tiemo Wölken a Video on Youtube.

On Friday, had been widely used after the first Anti-CDU-Video on the Youtube channel Rezos a nearly three-minute new Video. Therein massive criticism of the climate is the practiced policy of the government and not be called to select the CDU, the CSU, the SPD and the AfD. A list with more than 70 signatories, including some of the reach of most Youtuber is attached. Rezos Anti-CDU-Video recorded to Sunday lunch around 11 million clicks. The on Friday issued a “Statement” of the Youtuber came to around 2.7 million views.

Maas said, “”: “Many of us have not yet realized that you can also use the way people will communicate, digital and social media, for the policy and must.” Politicians are sometimes fixed to itself. “For what we do, we should always advertise also of social acceptance. For this, we need to communicate in a more open and modern.” Maas added: “Even if we share all of the arguments: The biggest mistake is to denigrate Youtuber or the Fridays-for-Future-demonstrators in a lump sum or you have the right to deny involvement.”

Klingbeil welcomed the criticism of the Youtubers, especially on the climate policy of the Union and the SPD, in principle, as a clear Signal. “It is good that the young Generation gets involved and how your voice rises,” he told the German press Agency in Berlin. “Yes, we need to be in terms of climate protection faster.” It is important to protect the climate in a socially responsible manner. Quickly, the planned climate protection law is needed. “Since we have significant conflicts with the CDU and the CSU that are not on the brake.”

According to the view of Left-boss Bernd Riexinger Rezo has with his criticism of the CDU’s right. “I am absolutely thrilled. If this is to always assume that youth would be apolitical. I don’t see that at all,” he said of the dpa on the sidelines of a campaign event in Berlin. That millions of people watched such a one-hour, highly political Video is really sensational.

The digital expert, Marina Weisband expected that the critical political Video of Rezo remains is not an isolated case. You can see a Trend that the political debate move on to new channels. “The style of communication of policy changes, and the parties seem to be in part unwilling, to embrace it,” said the former managing Director of the pirate party of the “New osnabrück newspaper” (Saturday). However, weisband traditional media continues to see as significant: “Social media and traditional media to form a symbiotic relationship.”