Ten days after the Disappearance of the 15-year-old Rebecca in Berlin the police has arrested a Suspect. The Person is currently being questioned, a police spokesman said on Thursday.

The police now of a crime. The extensive investigation of the murder Commission had confirmed “the suspicion of a criminal Offence,” it said. Whether the student lives, or whether her body was found, said the spokesman. To also gave the arrested Suspect there is no further information.

Rebecca was on 18. February disappeared. She had stayed at her sister’s and in the early Morning not to leave the house, appeared in the school. After a few days, the homicide took over the investigation.

Until Thursday 117 notes to the police were received. On Wednesday afternoon, the police in Neukölln had found in the South-East of Berlin, a piece of clothing of the girl, did not want to comment on this but. In the days before there were large-scale searches, with sniffer dogs and a police helicopter.

An older sister Rebecca had always asked on the Internet on various channels for help and support. You and a helper distributed self-copied leaflets with the photo of Rebecca.