In search of the missing Rebecca, the Berlin police has started their search in Brandenburg. At several Points in the vicinity of the search area the last week in Storkow police officers and search dogs were again criminal on-the-go. Also the nearby Wolziger the lake and its shores should be investigated. Has supported the murder Commission, this time from the Technical relief (THW), a spokeswoman said.

25 people total there, the police, 12 from the THW, also members of the homicide squad, Forensic experts and dog handlers with three cadaver dogs and a search dog. THW have a “special technique”, said a spokeswoman for the police. To do this, you say but nothing. “It is a matter, exchange ideas, and to see where you can find yet time-intensive. Since the THW has a different experience than our people.”

the lake is in search of Rebecca,

included in The THW-men have, at times, with shovels and rakes to and in the forest at the place of Rieplos. There they built up in the afternoon is also a kind of small pavilion. The Federal Agency for Technical relief (THW) is not supposed to have, according to the news Agency DPA boats for use on the lake, the police confirmed that. It was clear, however, that the lake should be included in the search, it said.

forensic technicians in white protective suits apparently secured contractually traces on the ground. What it was, police said. According to the newspaper “B. Z.” cast investigators, traces of plaster out of the Tires. What is the relevance of the tracks, however, is unclear. The molding of the tire tracks belong to the standard repertoire of criminology.


Also in the crime technicians were at the recent search in the missing person’s case Rebecca in use

©Patrick Pleul, DPA,

Already from Thursday to Saturday had a hundred police officers and experts with a dead body search dogs in a forest in the place of sorrow village of scours. It was found, however, nothing.

information from the population should have resulted in the area near the highway between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder). The car of the suspect’s brother-in-law of the 15-year-old girl was recorded on the day of the disappearance and the day after that on the highway.

Rebecca had disappeared about three weeks ago. Most recently, she was in the apartment of your sister and your brother-in-law. The police believe that the girl was not left the house and killed there. Because the car of the brother-in-law has been registered in this and the following day, on the highway, asked the police to information received, hundreds of them.

Here’s the stuff call the police.

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