In the investigations of the police scandal of Lügde of the special investigators is encountered in the case of an official who is convicted of child pornography.

The policeman was sentenced in 2011 for possession and Collecting of child pornography, according to the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” citing the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the interior.

The official was more in the service, however, not in the investigation of the abuse case in Lügde or other investigations involved, said a Ministry spokesman of the German press Agency. Accordingly, the police officer was demoted after his conviction in 2011, and in the County police authority, the lip was added. A dismissal would not have held the judge at the time, to be appropriate, it said.

On a campsite in Lügde at the border to lower Saxony were the victims of previous investigations since 2008, at least 31 children in the age from 4 to 13 years in more than 1000 cases of sexual abuse. The case had expanded to a determination of scandal: 155 data carrier, which were found last December when the 56-year-old main suspect, gone for weeks without a trace.

The special investigator came after the Ministry of information on another case in which a civil servant in his private bathroom had secretly installed a video camera. In addition, a process has been discovered from the year 2013, in which a Tutor, a Commissioner candidate had bothered. Both were in the service.

The newspaper, according to the Ministry of the interior instructed the authority in the district of Lippe, “to take into account the current and future use of the police officers, their history is mandatory”. You should for example not in areas of work that deal with sexual offences.