In the case of mass child abuse in Lügde in Detmold have found the investigators in the further search of items that could potentially be evidence.

On Monday and Tuesday were a car, two apartments and another residential searches, informed the public Prosecutor and the police.

Including an apartment of 56-year-old main suspect is a move in which the man at the request of the youth office soon. In addition, another caravan was on the campsite to years of his abuse-the crime scene had been searched. What these objects were, were not known to the investigators.

they confirmed also that there was according to previous findings, no evidence “that police officials were involved in the acts or these have to be tolerated”. Officials had been heard. Searches in the homes of police officers it did not.

After massive failures in the investigative work of the first competent district police, the case had expanded more and more to a police scandal. After the breakdown had become known. So 155 data disappeared lip support made of a non-secured room at the police station.

Since 2008, had become the previous findings, according to the campsite at the border to lower Saxony at least 31 children in the age from 4 to 13 years in more than 1000 cases, victims of sexual abuse. In addition, there is evidence that already existed prior to 2008 did.

Three Suspects sitting in detention. Is determined against a 16-year-old, the child porn count should have possessed Material, formed on the campsite. Further investigation proceedings against two Accused persons for aiding and abetting against a Person convicted of obstruction of justice.