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high-ranking commanders in the last IS-Bastion in the East of Syria 16.45)supermarket bosses suspected (to warn of empty shelves in hard Brexit (16.35)UN expert to study the Khashoggi-murder in Turkey (15.44 PM)number of nursing trainees is to be increased by ten percent (15.09 PM)

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+++ 17.34 PM: the death of three cancer patients – the trial against healer +++

A medical practitioner from Moers. after the deaths of three of his patients in an alternative cancer therapy in court The process in Krefeld, Germany, to start in two months – on 29. In March, informed the state court. The 61-Year-old is charged with negligent homicide and violating the drug laws.

He is said to have administered to the sick according to the indictment, at the end of July 2016, considerably overdosed solution for infusion. According to the investigation, he had used an unsuitable scale and the active ingredient was Three to six times to high doses. Two women and a man died.

The healer had treated cancer patients with the active ingredient 3-Bromopyruvat (3-BP). This was not approved in 2016 as a medicinal product, an application, was not prohibited by the law.

+++ 17.05 PM: Steinmeier and Merkel speak after a dam break in Brazil, your concern +++

After the dam break in Brazil with many Victims, Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) have messages in the condolence telegram to the country of your concern. “With horror I saw the terrible images of the mudslides after the dam break in Minas Gerais,” wrote Steinmeier at Brazil’s head of state, Jair Bolsonaro. “My thoughts are with the Victims and the missing people and their families.”

Merkel wrote to Bolsonaro, you have to learn “deeply saddened” by the accident. “I sincerely hope that more people can be saved.” The Chancellor spoke to the Brazilians for their “deep sympathy”.