in The case of abuse of Lügde takes erschreckendere proportions. The number of victims has risen to at least 34, said the NRW Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) on Thursday in the Committee on internal Affairs of the country tags. In the case of 14 other people suspected that you may be the victim of multiple abuse at a campsite in North Rhine-Westphalia. Reul therefore expects even more Victims. So far, the investigators were expected to at least 31 Victims.


NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) in the interior Committee of the Parliament

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Currently be evaluated Reul, according to almost 3.3 million seized images and almost 86.300 Videos. A total of 24 specialists evaluated in Bielefeld, the IT evidence. The searches were extended to other objects. At the beginning of March, the parents of a Mitbeschuldigten had been investigated. Documents and CDs had been secured in the basement. In addition, there is evidence of a more “tatrelevante parcel of land” on the camping site.

In the case of Lügde evidence

disappeared, the police scandal as a result of numerous identification of margins in the case from expanding. As a temporary head of the investigation Commission was suspended in lip tentatively. The officials of the Criminal police headquarters in Bad Salzuflen have led the Commission from mid-December until the beginning of January, said Reul. Against him was in another sex case, the suspicion of obstruction of justice in office at the met. As in the case of Lügde evidence were not in that case be found. Against the official criminal, I would like to display, and disciplinary proceedings have been opened.

authorities failure

28 years: Over the many years of the authorities failure in the case of abuse of Lügde

It seems to be a abuse to be a case of incomprehensible proportions: As in January, the campsite inhabitants Andreas V. in Lippe, Lügde was arrested, gave Germany the breathing. How can it be that such a crime has not been revealed to the children of the authorities, the police and the youth welfare office for so long? And no one suspected that the failure would go further.

The suspended officials had served as a Tutor to the Commissioner candidate who had the spotted later from a non-secured lock-up room, missing 155 CDs and DVDs. The loss of the evidence was not discovered until weeks later. The Prosecutor Detmold’ve now opened an investigation against unknown persons for theft, said Reul.

police lip in the twilight

abuse case in Lügde: Because of child pornography convicted COP checks

AFP Probably more than 1000 cases on the camping

In the case of Lügde three officials from the leadership of the police, were the Ministry of the lip has been treated according to the interior already. Against two other police officers subject to criminal proceedings, because they had not passed the early signs of child abuse to the Prosecutor’s office.

The three main suspects in the actual case of abuse sitting in detention. According to previous findings, there had been since 2008, at the campsite at the border to lower Saxony more than 1000 cases of sexual abuse of children and young people. In addition, there are, according to Reul notes that the main should have a suspect already in 2002, a then-eight-year-old girl miss.

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