In the case of the internal investigations by the police special investigator of the land office of criminal investigation NRW in the multiple abuse case, Lügde has come to light that the district police authority for child pornography convicted COP lip. The düsseldorf-based interior Ministry confirmed on Saturday the “Westdeutscher Rundfunk” (WDR). The man had been convicted in 2011 for possessing and Obtaining child pornography.

The competent authority had applied his time to the court for the dismissal of the officials, the judges should have deemed, however, are not appropriate, and a demotion is sufficient. The man was treated after his conviction to the district police lip. He had not been in the current investigation involved, it said.

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Lügde: Previous connection to the case, is checked

Whether the convicted police officer has confessed in the past in connection to the Lügde-case is now the Prosecutor’s office clarified. So far there is about such a connection, no knowledge, reportedly from the Ministry of the interior.

city of Lügde in NRW

abuse at campsite: police of more than 1000 single actions

such As the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” reported, caused the NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) to become aware of the Case of Lügde, that all sexual offences were detected, in which police officers of the district police lip were involved. Here is another case from the year 2011, it was announced that it went to the secret Installation of a video camera in the bathroom. In addition, a process has been discovered from the year 2013, in which a Tutor, a Commissioner candidate had bothered.

According to the NRW Ministry of the interior, the district police authority lip was instructed “to take into account the current and future use of the police officers, their history is mandatory”.

LKA-special investigator by the police lip

lights up After the abuse scandal at the campsite in East-Westphalia in the district police authority disappeared 155 provided a data carrier under mysterious circumstances. Reul had then a special investigator from the LKA to Detmold sent to explain how it could happen. In the course of these investigations, the case of the convicted police officers came to light.

The abuse series of Lügde was on 30. January has become known and had caused a nationwide stir. On the local campsite to have been in need of for a period of more than ten years, at least 31 children miss. Most were between four and 13 years old. There are a total of seven Suspects.

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