Be “Caliphate” is a smash, but the fate of IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi remains a mystery. He’s hiding with his last fighters in the Syrian desert, he is in Iraq, in hiding or dead by now? Even after taking the last Bastion of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) in Eastern Syria, al-Badadis fate is unclear, although the US suspended its arrest of 25 million dollars (22 million euros).

The 47-Year-old appears more than ever as a Phantom. As far as is known his only appearance in Public was at the beginning of July 2014, when he demanded from the pulpit of the Al-Nouri mosque in the Northern Iraq city of Mosul in the large from the “obedience” of all Muslims to his “Caliphate” in Syria and Iraq.

There are only audio messages of the caliphs

Since then, his group published at irregular intervals, the audio messages which will come from al-Baghdadi. But the Iraqis, who suffers from Diabetes, has not been seen in Public again. Several times he was declared already dead, at least once he was injured.

“He is surrounded only by three people: His older brother Dschumua, his driver and bodyguard Abdellatif al-Dschuburi he knows since his Childhood, and his courier Saud al-Kurdi,” says the Jihadism expert Hisham al-Hashemi. He suspected the four in the large Badia desert in the centre of Syria. There is also al had been killed in the last July-Bagdadis son Hudhaifa al-Badri in a cave of three Russian missiles.

the speaker of The Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), led the fight against the jihadists in the East of Syria, do not believe, however, that the IS leader is still in the country. They had “no information about the presence of al-Bagdadis in Syria,” says Mustefa Bali. But some, who fled from the last IS-Bastion in Baghus, said they had been prompted by al-Baghdadi.

Al-Baghdadi is regarded as a clever strategist

al-Baghdadi in 1971, as the son of a poor family in the Central Iraqi Samarra under the name Ibrahim Awad al-Badri, was Born. As a Boy, he loved football and dreamed of becoming a lawyer or a soldier, but his poor grades and his poor eyesight prevented both. He eventually studied in Baghdad, theology, before he went to the US Invasion in 2003 as the leader of a jihadist group in the substrate.

The journalist Sofia Amara, who has filmed a documentary about him, says he’ll make the impression of a “brilliant man”, but rather as a “patient and hard-working”. But the “secret planners have had” early on “a very clear idea” of the organization that he wanted to create. When he was arrested in 2004 in February by the Americans in the prison of Bucca, he was able to tie important contacts.

The prison in southern Iraq was considered the “University of Jihad”, since that is where radical Islamists with military and intelligence people of the deposed Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein came along. “For all have noticed that this shy guy is a fine strategist,” says Amara al-Bagdadis time in Bucca.

Al-Baghdadi allied with former Iraqi officers

When he in December of 2004 for lack of Evidence was released, he joined the Al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. As the only al-Zarqawi and his successor were killed, took over the former theology student from Samarra in 2010 under the name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leadership of the extremists in Iraq.

he recruited former officers of Saddam Hussein, he made his guerrilla group with a strong team and they called Islamic state (IS). They overran in the summer of 2014 in the Northern Iraqi city of Mosul and penetrated within a few weeks, up in front of Baghdad.

However, with atrocities and bloody attacks, he brought a lot of Iraqis and Syrians, as well as the international community. In the past few years, a defeat to the other followed, and after the loss of the last village in Eastern Syria remain the IS leader only a few scattered cells.

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