The Federal Cabinet approved the extension of three Bundeswehr missions in Africa for a year.

The participation in the EU training mission for security forces in Mali (EUTM) and the UN Mission Minusma to support the peace agreement in the West African country are to be continued according to the will of the Chancellor and the Minister-round with the same upper limits for the number of deployed soldiers. In contrast, the possible number of German soldiers is to be reduced in the Anti-piracy Mission, operation Atalanta, according to the German press Agency present mandate text from 600 to 400 soldiers.

The UN mission Minusma is to support the peace process in Mali at a time when the North of the country in 2012, was temporarily fall into the hands of Islamist and other rebel groups. To date, some 900 German soldiers are deployed in Mali and Niger. The Personnel ceiling remains unchanged at 1100 soldiers. After months of a deterioration of the security situation mentioned in the mandate text, referring to a UN Resolution, the support for the restoration of state authority in Central Mali.

The EU training mission in Mali since November of 2018, under German leadership. The aim is to enable the Malian security forces, to provide for stability in the country. Currently, Germany is involved with around 180 soldiers in the operation; the upper limit of 350 remains.

The Operation Atalanta is for the protection of international shipping off the coast of Somalia from piracy. To be protected, especially ships of the UN world food programme and the African Union Mission in Somalia. Currently, Germany is involved with approximately 80 soldiers.

The Cabinet of Ministers ‘ resolutions require the approval of the Bundestag, with the votes of the Grand coalition, this is considered safe.