The German armed forces has suspended the training for the armed forces in Iraq because of the increasing regional tensions.

The step had been taken to the start of the week, together with the partners of the Anti-IS coalition, was declared by the German press Agency on Wednesday from military circles in Berlin. The attention, with a view to increasing the threat had increased. Today, the defence of politicians in the Bundestag were informed.

The Bundeswehr is involved on the way from Jordan in the fight against the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) in Syria and Iraq and has stationed in Iraq, currently about 160 German soldiers. About 60 soldiers are in a military complex in Taji, North of Baghdad, where the training of forces of the Iraqi armed forces runs. About 100 soldiers are in the Kurdish area in the North of the country.

In the Iran conflict, had increased the U.S. armed forces on Tuesday its alert level for the is in Iraq and Syria stationed troops in parts of the Anti-terrorist Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR). Possible threats against U.S. troops in Iraq would be observed, it said.