The Bundestag agreed on Thursday that the coalition compromise on the so-called ban on abortion advertising. The controversial Reform of section 219a are Pregnant women informed about the possibilities of an abortion.

had is Union and SPD according to his own statement, for both sides, “painful compromise”: Doctors and clinics may in the future inform you that you perform abortions, refer for more information on authorities, advice agencies and chambers of Physicians. The scheme is criticized by the Opposition and Concerned sharp.

last week, the Parliament had discussed in the first reading a draft law of the coalition of the groups and committees referred to. To be able to make this Thursday on the planned Reform to the vote, but had to be a homonymous government draft. A shorter Period, in order to speed up the legislative procedure, parliamentary rules of procedure, namely, only in the case of draft legislation by the Federal government, but not in the designs of individual groups.

the paragraph 219a of the criminal code. This regulates that man “is allowed to offer his financial advantage or in a grossly offensive manner” – in public, no abortions. Doctors and hospitals could be condemned on this basis, if you are called on your website abortion as performance. Also for more information about methods, aftercare, or risks, were not allowed to enter.

The SPD wanted to abolish the paragraph, as well as Green, Left and the FDP – the Union didn’t want it. The months of laboriously negotiated compromise, stating: The advertising remains the ban, but added.

Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) and SPD parliamentary group leader Andrea Nahles had praised the compromise on Tuesday, and confidence is shown that the law can change to be completed. Left, greens and FDP are, however, more for the abolition of the paragraph.