The debate about the expropriation of large housing corporations has also led in the Bundestag to a fierce exchange of blows.

The FDP Chairman Christian Lindner called for to dampen the rise in Rents through the promotion of new housing construction. “Expropriation does not create a single additional apartment,” said Lindner in a Current hour.

the Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch said, large companies such as Deutsche Wohnen and Vonovia would not have been built in the past few years, a new apartment. Also, the Green group Chairman Katrin Göring-Eckardt stressed that expropriation would have to be as “a last resort”. For open-cast mines and new roads would have had the critics in the past few years, no Problem with expropriation. In Berlin, currently coveting signatures for a people for the expropriation of large housing companies.