Shortly before taking the last Bastion of the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) in Syria, dealing with foreign jihadists in the West for fierce debate: the United Kingdom announced that it plans to withdraw a young British IS a supporter of the citizenship to prevent their return. The US government’s voice in the face of the Syria prisoners, a US citizen from an “extremely complex” question.

The young Brit Shamima Begum was “shocked” about the intention of the Ministry of interior, the British citizenship. “I think it’s unfair for me and my son,” said the 19-Year-old to the ITV station in Northern Syria. According to media reports, the government in London believes that the Begum has the right to the citizenship of Bangladesh, since her family is originally from there.


under pressure

debate IS fighters: Why Trump, for once, right

By Tim Schulze

“to protect this country,” could deprive the Ministry of the interior of someone’s citizenship if the Person will not be released in the statelessness, a spokeswoman said. Appropriate decisions would be taken “lightly”. Begum had made to the 2015 headlines when she had traveled with two Girlfriends to Syria, the IS-militia. In your case, since days in the UK for debates.

Shamima Begum brings a child to the world

On the weekend, you brought in a Kurdish prison camp in the North-East of Syria, a child into the world. They appealed to the British authorities “to show compassion” and to allow her, the child in the UK. At the same time, you showed no remorse over your decision, the IS-militia. A stop at a pop Concert in Manchester in 2017, called it a “Vergeltungstat” for attacks on IS strongholds.

Shamima Begum

British IS-teenage girl brings her child in Syria to the world


In Syria, hundreds of foreign IS fighters and their relatives in Kurdish. At the weekend, US President, Donald Trump, France, Germany, great Britain and other European States had called on their nationals out of Syria and to other places in Europe to court. In Germany and other relevant countries, this triggered a debate on dealing with jihadist returnees.

in the United States, such a case provided for discussions. The 24-year-old Hoda Muthana from the U.S. state of Alabama was the “Guardian” the desire to return to the US, and expressed Regret that they have been made Propaganda for the IS-militia. A spokesman for the US state Department admitted on Tuesday that the Status of U.S. citizens in Syria is “extremely complicated”.

Germany plans to each individual case, check

Basically, it was “the best solution, foreign terrorist fighters in their home countries to bring back and ensure that they are prosecuted and arrested,” said the spokesman, Robert Palladino. Such fighters would pose a “global threat” and needed to be prevented from “on the battlefield” to return. Specifically, for the case of Muthana, he did not want to comment.


German IS-fighters

“I’ve never cut off a human head”

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) had spoken of the need to check in “each case” whether there is law enforcement claims of other States, before a return to Germany will be allowed. Who am considered to be dangerous, should be taken also in detention in Germany, he said the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. Also IS women and their children will exhibit the Federal government “a blank cheque”.

Meanwhile, dozens of people left, the last IS stronghold in Eastern Syria. A Reporter for the AFP news Agency saw ten trucks with men and veiled women, and children, left the village Baghus in the Euphrates valley. The Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), the siege of the village on the Iraqi border for weeks, had declared to want the civilians to get out, before launching the decisive attack.

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