more and more scammers claim to be of the opinion that the White ring that is as fake police and bring people to savings money. “The phenomenon of false police officer seems to be increasingly on the rise,” said the Chairperson of the victims ‘ organization, Ex-BKA-President Jörg Ziercke, the German press Agency in Mainz, Germany. Shockingly, the degree of professionalism of the offender. “In Turkey, there is, for example, Call centers that have specialized in this Form of fraud.”


key service-rip-off: Once open the door will cost 1240 Euro a star reader told

By Daniel Bakir

In this Scam Criminals on the phone as police officers and try to get their victim to hand over money and valuables to an Unknown. By technical Tricks can succeed the scammers even on the telephone display of the Called the police emergency number 110 ad.

fraud network revealed

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By Daniel Bakir police warn of scammers

just To older people about this Scam educate, have produced the White Ring is a short film on the subject of from Monday, at the website. Also, the Munich police had recently warned in an Internet Video in front of the wrong police officers. The Video had become a real Online hit.

seniors as victims of crime, victims of the White ring are also in the focus of the day on coming Friday (22. March). The Motto is “Without fear, in old age – in order to be a victim”.

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