Due to the appeal of the TV presenters Jan böhmermann and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf are more than a Million Euro for the private search and rescue in the Mediterranean. “Many thanks to the 36.265 donors for 1.014524,11 Euro,” wrote the Bohemian man on Thursday on Twitter, with heart Emojis.

fundraiser delivery since the end of June

at the end of June, had the two presenters to donate for the sea rescuers of the German aid organisation, Sea Watch and your in Italy temporarily detained captain Carola Missiles called.

“Sea-Watch 3”-captain

Carola Missiles: This is the woman, over the whole of Germany

as discussed Previously, it had come to open conflict with local authorities, after Missiles, with around 40 migrants on the rescue ship “Sea-Watch 3” was pirated in Italian waters and, finally, in the port of the island of Lampedusa hazards. 1. August, the Online-collective action with the title “save lives is not a crime: Let us Maritime search and rescue rescue!” to the end.

money as effectively as possible

Sea-Watch to be used was explained at the beginning of July, the donations collected for the captain Carola Missiles with other sea rescuers together to want to use. “It will be formed a Committee, because we want to use the money as effectively as possible for the rescue, not only for Sea-Watch, but we want to work together to look at where it is most needed”, had spokesman Ruben Neugebauer of the German press Agency.

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