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15-year-old Catherine B. after 43 days, showed up again (18.13 hrs)CDU leadership wants to implement copyright reform without upload filter (14.38 hrs)number of sick days due to mental health problems since 2007, more than doubled (13.45)rescues nine-year-old little sister from burning car (12.33 PM)

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+++ 23.03 PM: Alleged German impostor in New York before the court +++

must be Because they cheated large sums of money from business partners and dozens of hotel bills not paid, an alleged rip-off artist from Germany responsible for in New York before the court. After the Jury selection process will begin on Wednesday with opening statements.

The public Prosecutor’s office accuses the 28-year-old Anna S., between November 2016 and August 2017 to different people, Hotels and Restaurants to a total of around 275,000 dollars (about 240,000 euros) cheated. S. from was in New York as a rich High-Society heiress from Germany. The case moved to the U.S. so much attention, that currently, several films are in the conversation.

+++ 22.14 PM: Boeing 737 Max has had to make an emergency landing in Florida landing +++

A Boeing 737 Max, the Airline is Southwest in the US city of Orlando. According to the Reuters news Agency, the machine had problems with the engine. The aircraft could not land safely, the passengers were on Board.

+++ 21.33 clock: United States strive next moon landing of the astronauts within five years +++

The U.S. government wants to introduce within five years, an astronaut on the moon. At the request of President Donald Trump, the “official policy was” that the first woman and the next man on the moon by astronauts from the United States, said Vice-President Mike Pence in a speech in Huntsville in the U.S. state of Alabama. At the same time, Pence practiced sharp criticism at the US space Agency Nasa, he was “accused of being bureaucratic, hard-to-maturity”.

+++ 21.19 PM: EU ends naval deployment off the Libyan coast +++

The EU wants to end the refugee crisis began naval operation off the Libyan coast for the time being. Because the member States could not agree on a new System for the distribution of rescued at sea migrants, are to be observed in the activities of Smuggling networks in the context of the Operation Sophia, until Further notice, only from the air, as the German press Agency learned on Tuesday evening from EU circles.

+++ 19.10 PM: ECJ decides about the right of withdrawal in Online mattress purchase +++

The European court of justice (ECJ) will decide on Wednesday what are the rules if you want to return online purchased mattresses. The Federal court of justice (BGH) wants to know from the ECJ whether a restriction of the right of withdrawal also applies to mattresses. The law does not apply to Goods that cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons and were unsealed. The BGH wants to know whether including mattresses fall. The plaintiff in the process removed the protective sheet from a mattress, but after a few days, back to the manufacturer to send.

+++ Catherine B. after 43 days +++

showed up for 43 days, the police were looking for Catherine B. of Verden, in lower Saxony. Now, the 15 seems to be intact, resurfaced, reported the “Bild”newspaper. Accordingly, the girl was discovered on Tuesday afternoon with her mother. Her and two other Girlfriends, she announced then, apparently, your current location.

+++ 17.48 PM: work and school day in Venezuela due to the recent power outage +++

After a new breakdown in the power supply, the authorities in Venezuela on Tuesday to work and school day declared. With the measure, the current network should be relieved. On Monday, once again, large parts of the country were enveloped for hours in the dark. The government of the left-nationalist heads of state, Nicolás Maduro spoke as with the days-long power outage in early March, of an “attack” on the country’s infrastructure.

+++ 17.19 PM: Incorrect invoices to the value of 40 million Euro in Hesse in circulation +++

Because you should have brought invoices from dummy companies to the value of 40 millions of Euro in circulation and the value added tax is not fully paid, the public Prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt, against 17 Suspects. In dozens of searches in the Rhine-Main region and the Odenwald, two people were arrested, as the authority announced. The invoice recipient should have used the settlement papers to unauthorized tax bodies benefits. About straw people, the main suspects are expected to have established, starting in 2015, various capital companies.

+++ 17.14: Algeria’s army chief wants to let Bouteflika for amtsunfähig explain +++

Algeria’s army chief wants the 82-year-old President Abdelaziz Bouteflika for amtsunfähig explain. General Ahmed Gaid Salah urged in a televised address to the application of article 102 of the Algerian Constitution, This article allows for the removal of the President, if this “is due to severe and permanent disease totally unable to perform functions”. Salah continues to a step after a week-long mass demonstrations deeply divided country.

+++ 17.12 at: USA announce new restrictions for NGOs in abortions +++

The U.S. government is tightening the fight against abortions worldwide standards for the granting of development aid to international relief organizations. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in Washington that the US could achieve their global health goals, if they refused, “to subsidize the Killing of unborn babies”. Furthermore, it will not support foreign aid organizations (NGOs), “abortion as a family planning perform or actively promote,” said Pompeo. From now on, but would be excluded from such organisations, supported, in turn, other groups “in the global abortion industry” financially.

+++ 14.38 PM: CDU leadership wants to implement copyright reform without upload filter +++

The CDU leadership is throbbing after the Yes of the European Parliament to the new copyright on an implementation in Germany without the controversial upload filter. After the vote, the CDU, wrote to Secretary-General Paul Ziemiak on Twitter: “Now it’s a matter of national implementation.” The CDU have protect made good suggestions: “the author, user & freedom of expression strengthen platforms undertake – without #upload filters.”

questions & answers

vote in the EU Parliament

the final in the dispute about the copyright: article 13? And what does that actually mean?


The Parliament, in Strasbourg, had agreed to the Reform of the copyright law without Changes, and thus opened the way for an early implementation of paved. The particularly controversial article 13, to take on platforms like YouTube, the copyright must be involved more, remained part of the project.

According to the instrumental of Ziemiak co-organized by the CDU’s proposal for the implementation of the Reform in Germany should apply as a principle the rule: “Pay for it instead of Blocking.” Therefore, first of all, in principle, all content can be uploaded. Below a time limit of Uploads from license fees should be free. In addition, the particular platform for works protected by copyright, a digital fingerprint should have an identification of the author -, to acquire licenses.

+++ 14.34 PM: tens of thousands of Rostock have to leave because of bomb defusing apartments +++

Because of the planned disarming of a bomb from the Second world war, around ten thousand of Rostock have to leave on Wednesday morning to their apartments. The 250-kilogram bomb was found, according to information in the case of construction works adjacent to a busy road in the city centre. According to a city spokesperson, among other things, three schools remain in a radius of one thousand meters of the place around is closed.

+++ 14.19 PM: Pelosi Israel will secure support across party lines, to +++

The highest-ranking Democrat in the U.S. Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Israel will secure support across party lines, and anti-Semitism is roundly condemned. “The support of Congress for Israel remains adamant and non-partisan,” said the Chairman of the house of representatives at the annual meeting of the Israeli-American lobby organization Aipac in Washington. “Israel and America are now and for always.” Pelosi added: “to be Anti-Semitic means to be anti-American. In our country, no place.”

Formal recognition of the Golan heights

This signature ensures review: Trump international political u-turn


Originally, the Aipac conference is a performance by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was scheduled on the last day. Netanyahu had to cut short his Washington visit, but on Monday after a rocket attack from the Gaza strip and in the light of new tensions with the ruling Hamas. He was traveled back to Israel. The Aipac organizers stated, Netanyahu will give his keynote address on Tuesday via Live video unlock. Netanyahu met on Monday with US President Donald Trump. In the presence of Netanyahu’s Trump had been accepted by Israel annexed the Syrian Golan heights formally as the territory of Israel. Netanyahu spoke of a historic day and thanked Trump. “Israel never had a better friend than you.”

+++ 14.06 PM: Whistleblower is tweeting in German and criticized copyright law reform +++

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has criticized the decision of the EU Parliament in matters of copyright reform in sharp focus. “Never forget what you have done here,” tweeted the 35-Year-old German. He was especially aimed at the Union group in the European Parliament in Strasbourg: “the @CDU_CSU_EP has voted for more Internet freedom, the Internet is never more @CDU_CSU_EP. #nieMehrCDU.” Snowden, who had made 2013 the excessive Surveillance by the US secret service NSA in public, lives in Russian exile.

users commented on the Tweet, the bumpy and broken English in Snowden – what’s this in English wrote: “My English would be better, if I could live there ;)” The Federal government has not denied the former NSA employee asylum, to strain relations with the United States. The U.S. Department of justice, wants to make Snowden for espionage and theft of government property in the process. In the case of a conviction, the death penalty him under the circumstances.

+++ 14.04 PM: More disabled with services for social participation +++

disabled people in Germany to 2017 more achievements to get on the social life than in the previous year. As the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden announced on Tuesday on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the entry into force of the UN CRPD in Germany, there was almost 666.200 receiver, around 12,500 more than in the previous year. More recent Figures for the previous year are not available according to the authority.

These services are part of the integration assistance for disabled persons under the social law book XII, which also include benefits for medical Rehabilitation, as well as to participate in working life. A total of just under 911.000 people received in 2017 in Germany, such Schemes and, thus, 1.8 percent more than in the previous year, as the Federal Statistical office already in December had been notified.

+++ 13.45: Psychological problems: the number of sick days since 2007, more than doubled +++

The number of sick days due to mental health problems has doubled in just ten years. While there were in 2007 approximately 48 million sick days due to mental or behavioural disorders, 2017 107 million, as stated in a reply of the Federal Ministry of labour on a Left-request. Particularly, the health were affected accordingly, and social services, as well as the hospitality industry. Although the number of sick days declined due to mental health problems between 2016 and 2017 slightly, by two percent overall increase from 2007 to 2017, however, means an increase of 123 percent. The production loss cost and the loss of gross value added attributable to mental and behavioral disorders, rose during the period from 12.4 to 33.9 billion euros to triple make sure. Men came the response, a significantly higher number of psychologically-related sick days than women. Older Employees reported more psychologically sick than younger people.

+++ 13.16 PM: France and China want to work together to fight for the preservation of biodiversity +++

France and China want to work together for the preservation of biodiversity. In view of the “Erosion of biodiversity” is a “global initiative”, declared the French President, Emmanuel Macron, and China’s head of state Xi Jinping in Paris. In their joint statement, both countries agreed to the fight “against environmental crime, in particular against poaching and smuggling of endangered plant and animal species”. Moreover, France and China to intensify fight against plastic waste. China targets 2020 for a UN conference on biodiversity targetUniversity, is regarded as an important step in the protection of the environment.

+++ 13.10 PM: French Ambassador: German military policy is detrimental to the partners +++

The French Ambassador in Germany, Anne-Marie Descôtes, the German armaments export policy is sharply criticized. You have the impression “that the German export control system is not restrictive, but unpredictable,” wrote Descôtes in a working paper for the Federal Academy for security policy. The procedure from lessons seems to be especially “at the current German domestic policy” and have “serious consequences for our bilateral cooperation in the field of defence”. French and European companies, because of increasing difficulties, wrote Descôtes. German components to be included in a product, and it be seals or ball bearings, so the companies would have to wait more than a year on a German export licence. The parents, under certain circumstances, high penalties, and the loss of more jobs. Against this Background, more and more “companies to dispense with German components, decided,” wrote the Ambassador.

+++ 13: 07: Germans eat less pork and more poultry +++

gets The pork schnitzel with increasing competition from the chicken breast. According to the supply balance of the Federal information center agriculture (BZL) always lands less pork on the plates. In the past year, each German ate pork statistically, a 35.7 kg. In 1998 there were 40,7 pounds. The consumption of poultry, however, increased from 9.1 to 13.2 kilograms per capita. Overall, meat consumption decreased slightly, from 63.2 to 60.1 kg. The German farmers and abattoirs have expanded their production significantly, from about 6.5 million tonnes to 8.5 million tonnes. The meat ends up, but more and more often abroad: The Export has quadrupled since 1998.

+++ 13 a.m.: European Parliament votes for copyright reform +++

The European Parliament has approved the controversial Reform of the copyright law without Changes, and thus opened the way for an early implementation of paved. The particularly controversial article that takes platforms such as Youtube, accountability, took place in Strasbourg a majority of MEPs.

+++ 12.44 PM: EU Parliament votes in favour of the end of the time changeover from 2021 onwards +++

The EU Parliament is in favour of a end of the time changeover to the year 2021. In this Position, the members agreed in Strasbourg. 410 deputies voted in Strasbourg in favour, 192 against, 51 abstained. The plenary session of the Parliament followed a recommendation by the traffic Committee. For the actual abolition, however, a compromise should be reached with the member States.

+++ 12.33 PM: nine-year-old saves little sister from burning car +++

A nine-year-old Boy in Nuremberg, his two-year-old sister from a burning car rescued. The siblings had waited on Tuesday morning, first alone in a car on her mother, her third child in a Kindergarten. Suddenly, the Boy noticed, according to police strong Smoking in the car, got out and saw that a rear tire was on fire. He quickly unbuckled his little sister and took her to the Free – shortly afterwards, the mother came back. In spite of the fire use the car burned down completely, the damage to property is around 10,000 euros. Why the car caught fire, is still to be determined.

+++ 12.20 PM: Stolen Picasso, after 20 years in Amsterdam +++

found One 20 years ago stolen paintings by Pablo Picasso has been found in Amsterdam. An art detective had come to the image for tips from the world on the track, as the newspaper “De Volkskrant” reported. The Dutch police confirmed that the image was found. Picasso painted “Buste de Femme” from 1938. Its value is now estimated at 25 million euros. An unknown person had stolen the picture in 1999 from the yacht of a Saudi businessman in the South of France, Antibes.

+++ 12.17 PM: Deadly car race in Berlin – Two speeders convicted of murder +++

In the case of a lethal car race in the centre of Berlin, in February 2016, the regional court has sentenced two speeders for the second Time for the murder to life imprisonment. The first conviction overturned by the Federal court of justice.

+++ 11.52 PM: Macron calls for China to respect the “unity of the EU” +++

requested to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has the Chinese head of state Xi Jinping to respect the “unity of the EU”. “We expect our partners to respect the unity of the EU,” said Macron after a Meeting with Xi in Paris. The foursome-summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker took part.

+++ 11.46 PM: RAID on the Clan-Milieu – 350 police officers in the use of +++

hundreds of police officers have 22 apartments and buildings in Bremen and in lower Saxony surrounding areas searched. The police spoke of a strike against the Clan-crime. Background violations of the narcotics act. The application also ran in the late morning. Details could not be communicated. A total of approximately 350 officers took part in the action.

+++ 11.24 PM: After the assassination of Christchurch: house search in Austria +++

In connection with the assassination of Christchurch, the apartment of the speaker of the right “Identitarian movement in Austria”. A spokesman for the interior Ministry confirmed in Vienna. The Prosecutor’s office announced for investigation tactical reasons, first of all, no Details. The “Identitarian” turn against “uncontrolled mass immigration”. The alleged triggerman in Christchurch is a 28-year-old right-wing extremist from Australia.

According to the speaker of “Identity”, Martin Sellner, was the reason for the search of the house a possible donation of the suspects from Christchurch to the movement. The investigations were on suspicion of membership in a terrorist organization, Sellner in a Video. Therein Sellner stated that it has to do with the suspects and the massacre in new Zealand. Instead, the 28-year-old Australians with his “disproportionate donation I want to harm” the movement. “He wanted me to move in the matter,” says Sellner in the Video. The amount he will donate to a charitable institution, Sellner.