On the third day of the spring meeting of the German bishops ‘ conference, the handling of the Church abuse cases, is in the foreground.

the Commissioner of The German bishops ‘ conference for questions of sexual abuse in the Church, the Trier Bishop Stephan Ackermann, wants to give the Public information on the current status. Already at the start of the Lingen conference, meeting the Chairman of the bishops ‘ conference Munich cardinal Reinhard Marx was announced, improvements in dealing with cases of abuse.

The Victims ‘ group Rectangular table had demanded that the bishops come up with concrete decisions for workup. For all the facilities of a protection concept and the building of competence in the handling of sexual violence specifically against children and young people but also vulnerable adults. The victim would have to be involved with their experiences more. In addition, an independent investigation of the past by the commissions was necessary, to be used with the support of the state. Is required, an appropriate compensation solution.

Ackermann had already announced, the reprocessing of the sexual abuse of a closer cooperation between the dioceses in the case of work-up and prevention. Also, the Revision of the record keeping was a task that had to be addressed in the composite.

One last fall published study by the German bishops ‘ conference, between 1946 and 2014, 3677 victims of sexual Assault from at least 1670 priests, in the case of a high number of unreported cases. Sexual abuse is a world wide issue for the Catholic Church.