One of the biggest tank battles of the Second world war occurred in 1941 immediately after the attack of Germany on the Soviet Union. However, although the battle of Dubno almost reached the Dimension of the battle of Kursk, the battle of Dubno, or Brody is largely unknown.

Nazi Germany attacked on 22. In June 1941, the Soviet Union. The German First Panzer group in the further course of the war it had spoken of a tank army marched on three tanks of suitable roads to Kiev. However, in the local military district, and not in front of Moscow, the largest concentration of armoured and motorized troops of the USSR was.

The German troops, six mechanized corps. In terms of pure numbers, the Soviets with 3298 tanks compared to 808 German tanks were far superior. Although were lightly armed, BT and T-26 tanks, the bulk of the Soviet forces, but the corps also had 534 tanks of the type T-34 and KV-1. Both models were superior to the German tanks in the summer of 1941. The shock of the German, the German intelligence had not noticed that this tank existed, although they were already in great number in use.

world war II: The “Flying fortress” B-17 welcomed the German fighters with a hail of bullets Fullscreen

B-17-flight in Formation.

©US Gov manufacturer of Complex tasks for the over-stretched units

In principle, the Soviet counter-attacks were promising. Rather than just trying, the Germans on the spot to stop, were the attacks on the three in front of the ass on the streets. Outside of these paved routes, it was not for the Germans to move tanks and supply vehicles in this number. Although the war was only a few days old, rails the Soviets to have their lesson from the war of Movement learned. If you succeed, the roads behind the German tips cut off, had to break the German advance.

But it was missing in the practice of training of the units. Also there was a lack of fuel and armor piercing ammunition. The lack of Ammunition was so great, that the Soviet tankers were trying desperately to RAM the German tanks. Technical problems, inadequate training and the Lack of mechanics and tractors led to half of the tanks even made it to a battleground. A total of 10 lost. Armored Division 307 Of The Tank. Of these, 153 were shot down, the Rest remained in the defect.

the Second world war: Operation citadel, the Offensive should make Stalingrad forget Fullscreen

German Panzer grenadiers in front of a Tiger tank.

©German Federal archive manufacturer Only local successes

The Red army caught the German attack at an inopportune time. She was in the midst of a major restructuring, because they had expected the German attack until 1942. Due to the lack of radio links, the attacks of the Soviet corps were not coordinated centrally. In the Red army, a mentality of fear prevailed after the Stalinist purges. Rightly so, because in this battle, Stalin ordered officers to indiscriminately execute. Many commanders refused your to act on their own Initiative and waited endlessly on commands.

The battle raged from 23. June to 2. July. They dissolved into a chaotic series of individual battles. For the Red army, there were a number of local successes that could then not be transformed in a decisive blow. The 9. Mechanized corps under General Konstantin Rokossovsky proposed to the 13. German tank division in an ambush, he had set up in consequence of a refusal to obey orders. The future Marshal of the Soviet Union, wrote in his memoirs: “We had received a command to counter-attack. The enemy was superior to us, however, so far, that I took personal responsibility to give the command to stop the counter-offensive and the enemy in prepared defenses.”

In the wooded and swampy terrain, the Germans had to stay on the road.

“The artillery regiment of the 20. Panzer division used its new 85mm guns to cover the road, and shot the advancing tanks.”

There were numerous battles, where on the German side, no tanks were involved, the military historian novel topper. Also the Germans used artillery and anti-aircraft guns against tanks. Here, the so-called 8-8. Due to their high construction was not the best Anti-tank weapon, but was unable to meet even the T-34 and KV-1 of the opponent on distances of over 2000 metres, devastating.

defeat me side effects

Despite the massive forces, the battle became a Soviet failure. The deployed corps suffered enormous losses and were not able to stop the German advance on Kiev. According to Töppel, the Soviet troops, 2000 tanks lost, the losses of the Germans amounted to only 85 battle tank and 5 to 10.

the Second world war: T-34 – this tank Stalin magic weapon Fullscreen

it was A column of T-34 drives past a destroyed Panzer IV.

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But, indirectly, the battle of Dubno helped a lot. The resistance here, it allowed the other troops of the front section in an orderly retreat, so it was no big encirclement. In view of the fighting, the Germans grouped their on Moscow advancing forces. Ultimately, this led to the German attack on the capital delayed and the Chance to take the city, it was playful.

Second world war

The Nazis killed her husband, as this angry woman bought a T-34 and drove to the Front

Gernot Kramper end of the lightning war concept

in the first days of the war, the German army group South did not recognize that the previous concept of the blitzkrieg worked because of the Fighting spirit of the Soviet soldiers. The war diary recorded: “The enemy is in terms of numbers and in his will to fight, his combative hardness, and apparently also in terms of its management measures in each relationship more serious opponents. The decision against him is not by the maneuver, but (in contrast to the campaigns in Poland and in the West) primarily due to the fight (the fire) forced to be.”

sources: Töppel: The tank battle of Dubno, a Glantz : The Soviet-German war, 1941-1945: Myths and Realities

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Gernot Kramper


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