All students in Germany are to receive an issue of the basic law. On a corresponding recommendation to the countries of the conference of education Ministers (KMK) would like to communicate today in Berlin.

The students should get the basic law in the course of their school career, as your President, Hesse’s Minister of culture Alexander Lorz (CDU), the German press Agency in Berlin said. In the conference Board of education are gathered Ministers of the countries to determine the political foundations of education.

Lorz said, the democracy and the value system today. “Schools are the best place to understand democracy, respect and the rules of living together and to learn,” said the President of the conference of Ministers.

Behind the planned mass distribution of the basic law shall be liable to Lorz, the idea that students with the constitutional system of values should be familiar to you. This applies for all different social, religious and cultural backgrounds.

The basic law is the Constitution of Germany. It is the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949, is since the founding. The basic rules for living together are held therein. All the authorities, courts and citizens have to keep in mind.

in the first section of the basic law, for example: “All people are equal before the law.” Further, it States: “no one shall because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, his faith, his religious or political opinions-disadvantaged or preferred.”

in October 2018, the conference of education Ministers had adopted a recommendation, in order to convey the fundamental democratic principles in practice.