With about 15 years of distance were found in Bear Brook State Park in the U.S. state of New Hampshire four bodies in two barrels, which had been, at least, murdered the Thesis of the investigators – all from the same man. For decades, it was unclear who the three girls and the woman and who she had killed. In 2017, the police announced to have the culprit identified. Now the investigators want to determine, at least three of the four victims. The reports, including CNN and “The Line Up”.

In November 1985, had discovered a hunter, the first two victims, a woman and a little girl, in a 200-Liter barrel. It was then, for years, speculated about the identity of the dead and the possible murderer. In 1987, both were buried anonymously. The mystery of the dead do not let go of the people in the Region, and especially the officials, however, for many years. In the year 2000, police officers discovered during a re-inspection of the site on another barrel, in the two dead little girls were.

sacrifice the welfare mother, her two daughters and someone else’s child

A DNA analysis showed that the woman had been with two of the children are related, most likely your mother was. Through further investigation, it turned out: All four victims had been killed at the same time, sometime between 1980 and 1984. At once it had to do with the police with a quadruple murder. Nonetheless, the investigators were not able to solve the mystery of the barrels of dead bodies for several years. In 2013, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children facial reconstructions of the four victims created and heated up the investigation again.

twelve years

Cold Case Georgine Krüger: the investigators were on the trail of the Suspect

By Patrick Rösing

in 2017, then the breakthrough. The police declared to have found the real killer. It was a man who was convicted of the brutal murder of his wife in California to life imprisonment, and in 2010 in the prison had died, but under a Pseudonym, as the investigators reported at the time. His real name, they found only a few months: Terrence Rasmussen. The third dead child in the barrels of his biological daughter was, as a DNA-found Test. Besides, he had lived in the Region, about his Job, access to the Area had, in the later, the bodies were found.

investigators have identified three of the four victims

to the Attention of the investigators had become to him by a New Hampshire Cold Case. He was the friend of a 1981 missing woman, who never showed up again. The police believe that Rasmussen has killed six people: the Missing of 1981, his wife in California, and the four barrels of the bodies of Bear Brook, whose identity still remained unclear.

Cold-Case investigators

How will North Rhine-Westphalia, hundreds of unsolved murder cases enlighten


Until now. At the beginning of June, the investigators stated that they have at least identified three of the four bodies. It was a Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch and her two daughters. The woman was, according to police at the time, the girlfriend of Rasmussen. You and your children had been seen in 1978, the last alive, along with her future murderer. At a family party, honeychurch got into a fight with family members. Thereafter, the contact with the family broke off, which is why you were probably missing after the murder to them.

almost all of the puzzles are solved the 40-year-old quadruple murder now. The only open question remains: Who was Rasmussen the fourth victim, the daughter of the killer and who is your mother? The police has not given up hope yet and hopes to continue to hints from the population.

sources: “The Line Up” / CNN / National Center for Missing & Exploited Children