It was just before: In February, two parents came with their 17-month-old daughter in the children’s hospital of Gothenburg. The girl was unconscious and the parents are desperate. The Doctors noticed a serious under-nutrition, as well as bleeding in the brain, according to the newspaper “Aftonbladet”. The doctors, according to you, was according to the Prosecutor, “just a few hours from death due to malnutrition” removed. The parents denied this and claimed that the condition of their daughter was due to abdominal pain.

A court in Gothenburg has now been upheld in a judgment that the condition of the little girl was not caused by a disease causes, but by a lack of nutrition, and sentenced the parents to three months in prison. The judge mentioned in the process, the girl grew once it got to eat fast the weight back on. Her condition improved. At the time of their admission, the child weighed only 6.3 kg, the normal nine-to-five-ten kilos.


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The Prosecutor demanded a multi-year prison sentence for both parents. The judge By Nordén refused, however, because this would not have been, in its view, reasonable. The serious bodily injury had been negligently caused. The parents, who lived as nomads, have a duty had to ensure that the child is doing well, so Nordén SVT, according to the station.

According to the Prosecutor’s office one and a half year-old girl had been fed mostly breast milk, rice, fruit and vegetables. Everything else was according to the father, “toxic”. The judge also mentioned that the mother had been convinced that it can only be from the air feed and to take neither food nor liquid, writes the newspaper “Expressen”.

the child got “sunshine, Laughter, and hugs”

you have not only the nutrition but also in health, the parents had neglected her daughter, so judge By Nordén: “holding the Baby of all the health checks on remote. Instead, the father has read everything, and able to be seen to be for the health care of the child responsible. He has obviously had a completely unreasonable attitude to his own abilities.” The daughter had been vaccinated, never will. You’ve got according to the father, “sunshine, Laughter, and hugs,” according to “Expressen” more.

Since the two parents were already in custody, is serving the three-month already. However, the parents have to pay pain money to their daughter in the amount of 60,000 Swedish crowns (approximately 5,500 euros). Whether the child may continue to live with their parents, has yet to decide a court of law.

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