The controversial club Uniter, in which a number of soldiers and police officers are a member, invited to shooting practice, wearing, apparently, a para-military character and were not approved. As the star reported in its Thursday emerging issue, invited the Association for the 30. June and 1. July 2018 to a shoot for “civilians without any special prerequisite” Exercises with the weapon in the group and out of cover as well as a course in the “reaction” in Heilbronn. The Reaction fire is otherwise practiced mainly by the special forces command (KSK) of the Bundeswehr. It “should be imposed on enemy positions as far as possible without interruption in the fire”, as it is called in an internal KSK-Write, which is the star.

According to a statement by the Federal Association of the Security industry, not just special forces, the authorities may carry out “fight even shoot”, unless it was shooting as a “Defense” under strict conditions approved. The weapons authorities of the city and district of Heilbronn said on the request of the star that they had approved no such target practice. At Uniter we were told, now, contrary to the wording of the invitation, that the Exercise had been permitted, because you have not applied “to civilians”.


An Exercise with Camo and battle helmet had reported in December 2017 in Fulda

©Uniter Exercises on a former military Site in Mosbach

in December 2018, the “taz”, that Uniter-members at the end of June had made in 2018 in the North of Heilbronn town of Mosbach in a former military training Area of an alleged Practice with weapons. The operator of the site, the Save TCRH Training Center GmbH, confirmed now, that there is, in fact, at 30. June and 1. July Uniter members met, and the Exercises had made, which were officially intended for a medical aid unit. Exercises with weapons were not allowed. Also, the city of Mosbach, which is there as a weapons authority, had issued shoot according to their own statements, “no permission for a Reaction.”

KSK-founding member

“rich citizens”suspected: German armed forces have suspended elite soldiers


the organizer was White at the weekend, the company Opcon of the former KSK-soldiers, Fabian. He acknowledged to the star that there Exercises is, you could refer to as a “defensive shooting”. He wants to have controls that only relatively harmless compressed air weapons were used: “I have satisfied myself that the weapons in Airsoft are weapons,” said White.

questions about the case and a possible violation of the weapons law does not want to answer the Ministry of the interior Baden-Württemberg, because “information about the individual, where appropriate, ongoing process, not released” could be.

Uniter was known by the code name “Hannibal,” its co-founder

Uniter was a soldier is also Known by the code name “Hannibal,” its co-founder André S., also a former KSK. The controversial Association was linked to in the recent past, apparently in the security industry better than previously known. According to one of the star present a detailed Chat log of a job from the Uniter were offered exclusively for club members until June 2019 Jobs for security people in companies and authorities. So one of the energy company RWE as a subcontractor instructed the security company for the end of June employees for the “covert Monitoring of the outer ring of the compound of RWE was,” in Garzweiler. At that time, an action Alliance against the lignite demonstrated there removal. According to the statement of an employee of the security company Uniter were then used members. RWE had issued the order according to its own information, to warn of “activists against the Intrusion in the mine”. An assignment to the “covert observation” did not exist. A “membership individual external security staff” in the Association Uniter RWE was “not known”.

In April of 2018, an employee of a Ravensburger security company in the Chat group of the Uniter was looking for rings to an employee as a proxy for the country’s first reception centre for asylum seekers in baden-württemberg Sigma. In April, he left the chat group; already in the year 2018 he had to leave, according to his own words with the Association. At the request of the star, the head of the Ravensburger security company “decided” by “groups such as Uniter distanced itself”. Of the job the company didn’t know that.

The Association referred to itself in recent statements as “non-political”, not warned, but still in April, before the “violence of the so-called immigrant”, which most of the German media address allegedly. Indirect sympathy for the Nazi Regime showed, one of the participants in November 2018 on the public Facebook page of the Uniter. There, he mocked about “the Italians under arms” which “would have inclined since 1943, always to the Fickleness and opportunism”. 1943 was the year of giving up, in Italy, Adolf Hitler in the axis Alliance. The Italy-critics seems to be Uniter no unwanted visitors to the page have been. In June 2019, a leading Uniter activist took him in the Facebook-group “Germany West”.

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