the mosques of the Turkish-Islamic umbrella organisation Ditib Duisburg, Mannheim, and Mainz as well as the Left party’s headquarters in Berlin are cleared after bomb threats on Monday and scans have been – ultimately, the police were in all cases clear.

In Duisburg and Berlin were signed by Unknown sent Drohschreiben with “Combat 18” and under. In the case of “Combat 18” is a violence ready right extreme network, which is active in multiple European countries.

The group is considered to be the armed Arm of the forbidden neo-Nazi network “Blood & Honour” (blood and honor). The 18 is a scene code for the first and the eighth letters in the Alphabet, A and H – the initials of Adolf Hitler.

The Federal Agency, the Left has been temporarily vacated. According to a party spokesperson in an E-Mail was received this morning at the Karl-Liebknecht-house, in this there had been a bomb in the building. Around 40 to 50 employees of the party headquarters had left the building.

A police spokeswoman said after an examination of the threatening Mail, a seriousness had been denied. A search of the party headquarters did not take place accordingly. The police state protection, who against unknown persons for disturbance of the public peace by the threat of a criminal Offence. The state of protection is a Department of the police that takes over when it comes to politically motivated crime.

officials in Duisburg, informed, in the morning, was received by the Board of Directors of the Merkez mosque, an E-Mail, into the Unknown with the ignition of a bomb in the afternoon had threatened. You have evacuated all of the rooms, the grounds cordoned off and after an intensive search action with a EDD no suspicious items found.

the Ditib mosque in Mainz, Germany, after a bomb threat searches. Also, dogs had been used, there had been nothing found, said a police spokesman. After an assessment of the land criminal police office in Mainz, Germany, the mosque as a precaution, cordoned off and searched had been. To the sender of the Drohschreibens and the reasons behind it are not.

Also in the Ditib mosque in Mannheim, a search result after a bomb threat was no evidence, said a police spokesman. For further information, he is not made first.

this month, it had already given Bombendrohungeb against mosques in Iserlohn and Munich, as well as against the Ditib Central mosque in Cologne-Germany’s largest mosque complex. In these cases, the police had given up after extensive searches all clear.

The sense of security in many of the 857 Ditib communities in Germany was severely disturbed, had stressed the Chairman of the Ditib-Federal Association, Kazim Türkmen, recently. We hope that “solidarity and assistance”.

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